I am preparing for AML 3304 Lambton College Test on AI and ML : give me 3 questions and assess the quality of my answers: provide feedback so I can understand these questions more deeply

Sure! Here are three questions related to AI and ML for you to answer:
What is the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)?
What are the main challenges in implementing AI and ML systems in real-world applications?
Explain the concept of overfitting in machine learning and discuss its implications.
Please provide your answers, and I will assess their quality and provide feedback for a deeper understanding.
Note: While I can assess the quality of your answers, please keep in mind that my assessment is based on the knowledge available to me up until September 2021.
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in terms of : 2. What are the main challenges in implementing AI and ML systems in real-world applications? My answer is that a main challenge in implementing AI is finding, obtaining, being able to access a large enough data space of high quality, high veracity, trusted corpus of training data to train the model on.
Your answer correctly identifies one of the main challenges in implementing AI and ML systems in real-world applications, which is obtaining a large and high-quality dataset for training the models. Having access to relevant and representative data is crucial for building accurate and robust models.
Here's some feedback to help you understand this challenge more deeply:
Consider expanding on the challenges associated with obtaining high-quality data: In addition to finding a large dataset, you can further discuss the difficulties in ensuring the quality, veracity, and trustworthiness of the data. This can include issues such as data completeness, data biases, data privacy concerns, data labeling, and data security.
Discuss data collection and preprocessing challenges: Gathering and preparing data for AI and ML models can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. You can mention the challenges related to data collection, data cleaning, data integration, and data transformation to make it suitable for training and inference.
Address domain-specific challenges: Different domains may have unique challenges when it comes to data availability and quality. For example, in certain industries like healthcare or finance, obtaining labeled data for training may be more difficult due to privacy regulations or limited access to sensitive information. Discussing domain-specific challenges can demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subject.
Highlight the need for ongoing data maintenance: It's important to mention that obtaining a high-quality dataset is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. Data evolves and changes over time, and it's crucial to have mechanisms in place to ensure the continuous acquisition and maintenance of quality data.
By considering these additional points, you can provide a more comprehensive and in-depth answer to address the main challenges of implementing AI and ML systems in real-world applications.
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