How to deliver the Capstone Presentation:

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How to deliver the Capstone Presentation:
The kinds of things I would like to see in the Product Delivery Plan:

Mobile App Marketing Checklist:

Checklist of topics and focus areas to deliver the Perfect Product Development Plan:
Presentation Preparedness: Assess how well-prepared students are in terms of understanding their project and artifacts.
Artifact Showcase: Evaluate the effectiveness of presenting their website, Trello board, LaTeX document, Video.
Ideation: Product Concept Clarity: Develop your ability to clearly communicate the product concept and its unique features. Remember in our study of the Causes of Product Failure? At the top of the list was a poorly conceived and communicated Product Concept.
Competitive Analysis: Once you have your Product Concept smithed and machined to the highest level of precision you can create, use MindManager to develop the Competitive Analysis. Which are companies are doing what you want to do? How is your concept structurally the same as or different from the competition? Your competitive analysis is at the Center of your Capstone Project. Your Research will inform your thinking about keywords, marketing, avatars, pricing, go to market channels, and all the other kinetic (action) elements of building the MVP. MindManager will enable you to track, organize and coordinate the large number of details you will need to keep track of.
Marketing Plan Presentation: Assess how well students present their marketing plan, including: - targeting and user experience strategies - Cohort Management - Avatars, Go to Market channels, marketing development
BPMN Diagram Explanation: Evaluate the understanding and explanation of BPMN diagrams related to the project. ​Discuss how your BPMN informed your technology design.
Overall Communication Skills: Grade on clarity, confidence, and professionalism in presentation delivery.
These areas will help you present a comprehensive delivery that covers all essential aspects of the Capstone Project presentation.
This is the Dress Rehearsal for your Job Interview.

Have your Video, Trello Board, and Latex Document ready to show.
Be able to discuss the work you did in this course as a Product Delivery Manager.

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