f23 IN6003 Assignment: Analyzing the Evolution and Future of OpenAI and ChatGPT

Lab 2 which will be the next step of this learning is building your own Chat GPT AI Language Model: — How to use LM Studio
Learning Outcomes:
How the LLM Large Language Model AI generative language model will replace current programming and IT systems paradigms.
Understanding how AI programming works:

Assignment: Analyzing the Evolution and Future of OpenAI and ChatGPT

Due December 8
You can work in teams of up to 4 members.
Hand in instructions will be provided. Your team will be making a TRELLO Board as part of your Handin work.


The goal of this assignment is to understand the history and evolution of OpenAI, tracing the development of ChatGPT, and to critically assess the potential impact of recent changes in OpenAI's management board on the future development of ChatGPT.
This will involve research utilizing both web sources and AI research tools.
How to setup Chat GPT OPEN Assistant API to be your own personal tutor and study buddy:

Who is paying for us to have free Chat GPT and Why?
What is their business plan and monetization model?


Prepare a structured report of 2000-3000 words.
Cite all resources and references in APA format.
Include visual aids, like diagrams or screenshots, where appropriate.
The report should be split into clear sections and subsections.
Choice of presentation is up to you (Word, PowerPoint, video (very optional): You must make and use a TRELLO Board to organize your thinking, research, and organization of the Content).
Last thing: You will post your research into a Linked Blog Article for all potential employers to see everything you know!

Part A: Understanding OpenAI and ChatGPT

Introduction to OpenAI (300-500 words)
What is OpenAI? : What is their Chapter? What is their governance and financial structure?
Its founding vision and goals.
Overview of key milestones and accomplishments.
“Follow the Money”: Who is paying for what? Where is the money going?
Development of ChatGPT (500-800 words)
What is ChatGPT?
How did it originate within OpenAI?
Describe its underlying technology and evolution over time.
Discuss previous versions leading to the current iteration.

Part B: Researching OpenAI using Web and AI Tools

Web Research on OpenAI's History (400-600 words)
Use reliable web sources to trace the history of OpenAI.
Create a Time Line and Chronology: Record the major products and research outputs OpenAI has developed.
Report on the people relationships: key partnerships, collaborations, and funding sources.
AI Research Tools Exploration (200-400 words)
Use AI-powered research tools to gather information about OpenAI and ChatGPT.
Compare information accuracy and effectiveness between traditional web search and AI research tools.

Part C: Critical Analysis of Management Changes

Recent Management Board Changes (300-500 words)
Detail the recent changes that have occurred on the OpenAI management board.
Provide summarized profiles of incoming and outgoing board members.
Critical Analysis: Effects on ChatGPT's Development (400-700 words)
Analyze how the changes in management might influence the strategic direction of OpenAI.
Predict the potential impact on future developments of ChatGPT.
Discuss both positive and negative viewpoints, if applicable.

Part D: Conclusion and Future Outlook (100-300 words)

Synthesis and Prospects
Summarize key findings and insights from the previous sections.
Provide an informed perspective on ChatGPT's future and the future of AI in general considering the management board changes.
Conclude with thoughts on how these developments might affect society, technology, job landscape, and business.

Submission Requirements:

Submit the document in a .docx or .pdf format.
1 submission per team: Send me your TRELLO Board LINK.
Host your Presentation in the Clould (GOOGLE DOCS): and present your LINK.
Now: Make a TRELLO Board: Put as a Editor: Put the invitation url to your TRELLO board into a TEXT file named as TeamName.txt {also into that text file put team members’ names/ ids} Upload to :
Include a cover page with the assignment title, your name, the submission date, and course details.
Name the document file as follows: [YourFullName]_OpenAI_ChatGPT_Assignment.
Upload the completed assignment to the designated submission portal on the course website.

More Details:

Here are detailed instructions for an assignment on OpenAI, ChatGPT, and the potential impacts of recent leadership changes:

Assignment: OpenAI and the Future of ChatGPT
Background & Overview OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research organization founded in 2015 to develop beneficial AI that is safe and aligned with human values. Their most well-known product is ChatGPT, a large language model launched in November 2022 that can generate human-like text conversations.
Recent Events In November 2023, OpenAI experienced major leadership turmoil when CEO Sam Altman and President Greg Brockman were temporarily removed by the board. After negotiations, Altman and Brockman were reinstated but most of the board subsequently resigned.
Assignment In a 5-7 page paper:
Provide background on OpenAI - when and why it was founded, key people, mission, and values.
Explain the technology behind ChatGPT. What type of AI model is it and how was it developed?
Analyze the potential impacts on ChatGPT and OpenAI more broadly given the recent leadership changes. Speculate on how priorities, development approach, and pace of innovation may shift.
Incorporate at least 5 relevant sources from the past 3 months detailing the leadership changes or plans for ChatGPT's development. Use web search and AI tools like ChatGPT itself to find authoritative, up-to-date information.
Take a stance on whether the leadership changes will be positive or negative for OpenAI's goal of developing safe and beneficial AI. Justify your perspective with evidence and reasoning.
The paper should demonstrate thoughtful analysis of current events, technology, and OpenAI as an organization.
Aim for an authoritative, balanced perspective informed by diverse sources and perspectives.
Imagine that your intended audience is policymakers invested in AI safety and innovation.

Evaluation Criteria:

Your report will be evaluated based on content accuracy, depth of research, critical analysis, coherence of arguments, clarity, writing quality, organization, and adherence to citation standards and formatting requirements.
Good luck with your assignment!
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