F23 IN6003 Lab 1: Doing the Real Estate Analysis with Power BI (Worth 15% of Final Grade)

DUE: September 27. We will do it together in class.
How we will do this lab:
You install and sign into Power BI.
Instructor will provide an Excel Sheet of Real Estate Data.
You import this Excel Sheet into Power BI.
You will make an Analytic Dashboard in PowerBI: You will do EDA Exploratory Data Analysis. You will present the answers to 5 questions.
You will upload your PowerBI Workbook to a Dropbox Link I will provide.

How to hand this in:

** - I will provide a Dropbox Link

NOTE: You must have a Microsoft Account to sign into to PowerBI.
As a student you use all this stuff for free:

Learning Resources:

How to do this:

Install Power BI from the Windows Store:


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