Friday the 13th JavaScript Hackathon Challenge

The Digital Warriors' Hackathon: The Quest to Seal the Portal
Time: 60 minutes
Hand-in: Is the digital decryption key which will emerge from the solutions to the hackathon challenges.
Each team: Put your completed code into a TEXT file. Name as teamname.txt. Include team members’ names and student id in the file.
As complete each challenge: Add the code to your Text File.

Victory is Life.

The Ritual of Digital Defiance
Setting: The main auditorium of Lambton College, dimly lit. The overhead projectors cast a faint glow upon the vast sea of tables. The room pulsates with a tangible energy, resonating with the anticipation of the Digital Warriors. Shadows dance on the walls, creating an eerie ambiance.
Props Required:
Laptops (for each Digital Warrior)
A large, ornate pedestal at the center of the room
Candles, arranged in a circle around the pedestal
An ancient-looking scroll (The Mission Brief)
The Ritual Begins:
Gathering: The Grand Sentinel of Code stands at the pedestal, the ancient scroll unrolled before them. The Digital Warriors form a vast circle around the candlelit pedestal, the glow from the flames casting a mystical aura.
Proclamation: The Grand Sentinel of Code, with a voice echoing through the auditorium, reads aloud the mission brief, ensuring each word resonates with a sense of urgency and gravity.
The Digital Oath: Each Digital Warrior places their right hand over their heart and repeats after the Grand Sentinel, "For the lost, for the code, for our future, we stand united, unyielding, undeterred."
Rising of the Laptops: The Digital Warriors, holding their laptops close to their chests, raise them skyward, the screens illuminating their faces. This act symbolizes their readiness, their weapons of choice at the ready.
The Unified Cry: The room goes silent for a heartbeat, the tension palpable. And then, in perfect unison, their voices rise, echoing off the walls and the vaulted ceilings, "VICTORY IS LIFE!"
Candle Extinguishing: The Grand Sentinel of Code, with deliberate movements, blows out each candle, plunging the room into darkness momentarily. This signifies the challenges and darkness they are about to face.
The Guiding Light: As the last candle is extinguished, every laptop screen in the room illuminates, symbolizing the collective light and hope of the Digital Warriors. They are the beacon against the impending shadow of the alternate realm.
Embarkation: With their mission clear, the Digital Warriors disperse to their designated areas, ready to dive into the digital depths and face the challenges that lie ahead.
And thus, with the weight of their responsibility and the power of unity, the Digital Warriors embark on their perilous quest, their spirits unbreakable, their determination unquenchable.

Here are the teams with their inspiring names:

1. Team Alpha Pioneers:
Ajay Singh
Gagandeep Kaur
Mandip Kaur
2. Team Quantum Crusaders:
Parveen Kaur
3. Team Nebula Navigators:
Chauhan, Abhishek
Anjum, Afreen
Kanduri, Aswini Sasi Kanth
4. Team Galactic Guardians:
Singh, Balwinder
Kumar, Bobby
Singh, Charandeep
5. Team Cosmic Commanders:
Rathod, Dhruvrajsinh
Salhotra, Divya
Jayaraman, Hari Sankar
6. Team Stellar Sages:
Singh, Jagjit
Grewal, Jaskaran Singh
Bhandari, Kavitha
7. Advanced Team Cyclone
Fathima, Khanitha
Kaur, Manpreet
Kalidindi, Rishi Varma
Megal, Siddharthbhai
May each team tackle their challenges with the spirit and determination their names suggest!
Mission Brief: Operation Digital Resurgence
To: The Elite Squad of Digital Warriors
From: The Grand Sentinel of Code
Date: Friday the 13th
Subject: Urgent: The Unsealed Fate of the Missing Bus Students
On a stormy Friday evening, not so long ago, a bus departed from Lambton College, Toronto, bound for Brampton. It never reached its destination. The bus was found, eerily empty, with no trace of our fellow students or the driver. It is now clear that the vanishing of our peers is linked to the malevolent portal of the alternate realm, which, though weakened by your efforts, remains yet unsealed.
The fate of the missing students hangs in a precarious balance. The code of the universe suggests that there exists a secret decryption key, the final piece of the puzzle, which, when deciphered, can seal the portal forever and return our lost classmates. You, the Digital Warriors, are the last beacon of hope.
Mission Details:
The Decryption Key: Hidden within the algorithms and data structures, in the deepest recesses of the digital realm, lies the secret decryption key. Your task is to traverse these realms, solve enigmatic code challenges, and retrieve fragments of this key.
Time Sensitivity: Every moment is crucial. With each passing minute, the connection between our world and the alternate realm grows stronger. We estimate you have only a few hours before the portal becomes indestructible.
Collaboration: This mission is not about individual prowess but collective strength. Pool your resources, divide tasks strategically, and always remember: Unity is power.
Ancient Clues: Delve into the arcane scrolls and digital scriptures. They might contain hints or algorithms that can guide your way.
Guard Against Digital Deceptions: The alternate realm is rife with deceptive codes and mirage algorithms. Maintain vigilance and test your code thoroughly.
All the computational resources of Lambton College are at your disposal. Additionally, the Grand Sentinel of Code will provide periodic guidance and hints.
Final Note:
Warriors, the weight of this mission is heavy, but the spirits of countless lines of code and algorithms are with you. The missing students are not just your classmates; they are a part of the vast digital family. This is not just a test of your coding skills but a testament to your bravery, determination, and the spirit of camaraderie.
In the face of this daunting challenge, may your code run error-free, and may your algorithms be ever optimized. Seal the portal, bring back our peers, and etch your names forever in the annals of Digital Legends.
For Code, For Comrades, For Victory! Victory is Life.
The Grand Sentinel of Code

Prelude: In the musty scrolls of the ancient Sumerian texts, prophecies whispered of an alternate realm where rogue code and monstrous algorithms roamed free, threatening the fabric of our digital reality. This realm would open on a stormy Friday afternoon, a portal spewing out chaotic byte-sized beasts. But fear not, for the scrolls also spoke of brave young Digital Warriors, skilled and fearless, who would rise to the challenge. Only they, with their supreme coding abilities, could piece together the lost key to seal this portal. Each challenge conquered would grant them a fragment of this key. Today, dear warriors, that destiny is yours to fulfill!
Challenge 1: The Ghostly Variables
Declare three variables: ghost, goblin, and ghoul. Initialize them with strings of your choice. Display them using a single console.log.
Fragment: A mysterious 1.
Challenge 2: Eerie Arrays
Create an array of 5 spooky items. Using array methods, add one item at the beginning and one at the end.
Fragment: The haunting 0.
Challenge 3: Sinister Strings
Reverse a given string without using the built-in reverse method.
Fragment: A ghostly 1.
Challenge 4: Terrors of Ternary
Write a ternary statement that prints "Spooky" if a number is even and "Eerie" if odd.
Fragment: The elusive 0.
Challenge 5: Bewitched Booleans
Write a function that returns false if both its arguments are true or both are false, otherwise it returns true.
Fragment: An ethereal 1.
Challenge 6: Demonic Data Types
Identify the data type of the given variables and log them. Make sure you correctly identify arrays and null!
Fragment: The dark 0.
Challenge 7: Recursive Riddles
Write a recursive function that counts the number of "o" in a given string.
Fragment: A spectral 1.
Challenge 8: Cryptic Callbacks
Create a function that takes another function (callback) as a parameter and executes it after a delay of 3 seconds.
Fragment: The phantom 0.
Challenge 9: Asynchronous Apparitions
Use async/await with a promise that resolves after 2 seconds, returning "Sealed".
Fragment: A chilling 1.
Challenge 10: Final Foray with Functions
Create a function that returns another function. The returned function should log "The portal is sealing..."
Fragment: The final piece, 0.
The Final Ritual:
Once all challenges are overcome, your team must piece together the fragments in the order they were won. This binary sequence forms the key to seal the portal.
Enter the code and chant: "By the code of ancient Sumer, we seal thee, digital slumber!"
The fate of the digital world rests in your hands, brave Digital Warriors. Will you rise to the challenge and become legends?
The hackathon awaits!

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