CSD3464_S2_2021F Assignment 3

Due Date: November 22, 2021

Git Repository Starter code:

How to hand in: Take all of your code: Create a text file. Put comments at the top with Name, Student ID

Description of this Assignment:

This is the Phase 1 deliverable of an application we will develop together over the next few weeks to provide a Software Application for a College Enrollment System.
In this Assignment: You are replacing what Rational Rose would do in terms of Forward Code Generation from a UML Diagram.
You will take the provided UML diagram we developed together in Lecture and create the Skeletal Stubs {classes with methods and data fields}. For this Assignment, you don’t need to provide method implementations.
Do your best to implement Java Code to implement: (Whatever you miss we will capture in a future iteration):

What to hand in:

You are going to classes with field names and methods.
You don’t need to use Abstract Classes. The purpose of Abstract Classes: If you are writing an application with many subclasses, Abstract Classes enforce your other programming team members to construct THEIR CLASSES to work with an Inheritance Hierarchy.
Your Source Code File should be named as
Your text file should run as a Java Program source file without Errors! In this assignment, you are to take our In Lecture Developed UML Diagram
In your Java Code File, provide in a Comment Block the answer to the Following Question:
Research on job boards what employers are looking for in terms of the skills we are learning here. Find at least one job ad which has a requirement for a Programmer Analyst with skills in Round Trip Engineering, Unified Process, Agile, UML.
Company name
What the employer states they require.

COHORT: A group of Students who are TOGETHER in a PROGRAM and a TERM
For example: You are all in CSD TERM 3: You the same 6 classes together


a group or company:She has a cohort of admirers.
a companion or associate.
one of the ten divisions in an ancient Roman legion, numbering from 300 to 600 soldiers.
any group of soldiers or warriors.
an accomplice; abettor:He got off with probation, but his cohorts got ten years apiece.
a group of persons sharing a particular set of qualities, traits, or characteristics. For example: membership in a Group.
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