Lab Workbook: Create a LINKEDIN Article on what is new and better about ChatGPT 4.0

Type your content ideas here:
Yashwanth Paladi:
Some of the topics where people are interested to know about ChatGPT would be:
What new features or improvements have been added to ChatGPT?
How does ChatGPT compare to previous versions or other language models?
What kind of tasks or questions can ChatGPT handle now that it couldn't before?
Has the accuracy or speed of ChatGPT improved?
Are there any limitations or areas where ChatGPT still struggles?
How can ChatGPT be used in different industries or applications?
How can individuals or businesses benefit from using ChatGPT?
Are there any security or privacy concerns with using ChatGPT?
What kind of training or data has been used to improve ChatGPT?
Are there any plans for future updates or improvements to ChatGPT?

Naman Shah
How can ChatGPT leverage its language processing capabilities to create meaningful impact in various fields?

Sandra Nicholas C0851356
Responding to texts and images
ideal for customer service
How useful in industries like healthcare and finance

Ambika Sharma -
HOW ACCURATE is chat gpt?
In which field it is good for?

Ankit Baranwal
AI-based conversational agent Large language model for generating human-like responses Virtual assistant for a wide range of tasks
Chatbot that learns from interactions and improves responses Intelligent assistant for helpful information and insights Language model trained on vast corpus of text data Tool for integration into websites and messaging apps State-of-the-art AI technology changing computer-human interaction

Thakshak Sunkara -
Tips and Tricks for Effective Communication: ChatGPT can share insights and strategies for communicating effectively in various scenarios, including personal relationships, professional environments, and public speaking.
The Future of AI and Machine Learning: As an AI language model, ChatGPT can offer unique perspectives on the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning, and how they are shaping the future of various industries.
The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: ChatGPT can discuss the significance of Emotional Intelligence in the modern workplace, and offer advice on how to develop it.
What is ChatGPT and how does it work?
How does ChatGPT compare to other AI chatbots?
Can ChatGPT understand different languages or dialects?
How does ChatGPT learn and improve over time?
What kind of questions and topics can ChatGPT respond to?
Is ChatGPT able to generate creative or original responses, or is it limited to pre-programmed responses?

Mauricio Canto
How can Chat-GPT be used to benefit me and my work.
Will tools like Chat-GPT change or replace some jobs.
Is a the birth of a tool like Chat-GPT a good or a bad thing?

Kshitiz Bhattarai
Jebin George
a) Customer Service - Chatbots
b) Education - Virtual Tutor
c) Healthcare - provide patients with information on their health conditions

What is a LINKED IN Article:

You can publish on your LI Profile - articles on topics of interest.
The reason for doing this is to draw favorable attention to your as a SME Subject Matter Expert and Thought Leader in the topics and concerns of the companies that you want to get hired by.
Learn how to create engaging content
At the end of this exercise: You will write an Article and post it on LINKED IN. You should keep doing this 3x a week to build your followers.

Learning Outcomes:

Learn to do Prompt Engineering: Learn how to phrase your queries to provide the right context to the Language model to let it know what you want to find out.
Learn to work with the Conversational Nature of AI interactions (which is much different than the Transactional Nature of Google Searching).

I am now going to teach you to be a content creator - And a Great Communicator:
Step 1: Get completely clear on The Message:
Formulate some good questions: (6 Questions)
Brain storm: What are the kinds of things that you imagine your audience wants to know about Chat GPT?

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