Core Practices and Concepts of Capstone project

This course is primarily about monetizing the mobile app.
Content development and Presentation Tools: TRELLO: brain storming; move cards between swimlanes Latex (document programming langugage; ide of Overleaf): Because we can do document engineering in Latex: we can easily write little snippets of text and assemble them into a larger document. Easy refactor the content.

First Handin : Project Planning Document:

A. Ideation / concept: WHY statement: what is the value I am delivering to users - what users stories will the user of this app walk through when they are using this app?
B. Competitive analysis : 1. who else is doing it? 2. what does my ideal user look like? 3. how can I make a UVP / Selling you also looked for : Keywords (for advertizing), price and monetizing stratgies, you noted their ways of doing marketing, go to market channels.

Second Handin: Milestone 1: Marketing Plan Document:

Pricing, Monetization
Marketing messaging
Designing go to market channels
Because you were doing document engineering in Latex, this was a refinement of your work from the Project Planning Document.
Turn your ideas about ideal users into designing yur AVATARS : which are ideal users: Used Latex to investigate what those ideal users might want: and you could ask ChatGPT to design marketing content keyed with the psychometrics to appeal to how those kinds of users like to receive information. Get insight into what they want so we can present value to them and get them to buy our App: Psychometrics

Third Handin: Milestone 2: The Technology Plan Document:


Use Unified Process to describe User Stories
UML Diagrams to specify the Object Class Hierarchy for your application and your Data Structure
UI Prototyping: To design the look of your Screens: inputs, outputs, controls
Traceability Matrix: Correlate the methods delivered by your classes to the Requirement: If you did a test plan: The intersection of methods and requirements you inform you as to where you needed to put your TEST CASES: This can provide a visual indicator that we have 100% test case coverage.

Fourth Handin: The Product Plan:

Ties together everything:
The Marketing Plan
The Technology Plan
The project plan with WBS and Resource Plan.

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