Assignment 2: Real Estate Cics System Reporting Functionality

You can work in Groups: Please make it very clear to me in the COMMENTS at the header of your solution file:
For instructions on how to set the input parameters in Eclipse:
Instructor file location: C:\TEACHING\RE_CICS

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Due November 8, 2021
CSD 3464 s2 November 2 Assignment 2
Video instructions:
Starting with the Real Estate Cics Application we developed in Class, available here:
Extend the reporting functionality as follows:
Our starter code will output a report of Average Selling Price for a user-specified Type (Detached, Semi-Detached, see data file for options) and Community (see data file for options).
You can look in your redata.csv
Note: Study the input data file for specification of the correct spelling for the data fields you will be querying on.

Add the following report formats:

Enable the user to specify a Report by Community,
Your output will present:
Average Selling Price ( we have done this in the starter code)
Number of House of house sold
How to hand this in:
Create a simple text file. Copy your code into this file.
At the top of the file, put a Comment Block:
Student Name
Student ID:
Name this file as

According to the instructions, the program is supposed to get the output should be based on user input.

In class, we wrote 3 variables that accept 3 args from the public main method.
How are the arguments passed to test if the code works?
Is it via Run Configurations > Arguments tab?
I'd like to confirm if you meant passing the args using Run Configurations > Arguments tab should work, and not have the java program prompt the user to type the input.

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