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Welcome - why create a handoff doc?

How to use this doc

How to use:

Here’s how you can use this doc to become an efficient CSM and share important information with other teams and your manager:
Use the with your Account Manager to team up and expand Coda use in your accounts with high potential!
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Use the to find deals that have untapped potential for expansion into other teams.
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Use the to get a visual sense of how your implementations are going!
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The is your working doc for what’s next to do with each account. Use the Gmail package to pull tasks out of your email!
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is for Account Execs to manage new deals so that they can keep track of which have been handed off to CSMs and including all relevant information for success.
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Setting it up:

First, Copy this doc 😜 using the button below!
Copy doc

Next, Export a csv report from Salesforce with the following Columns (in that order!) and paste into the
CSM (Who’s the CSM? feel free to export all CSM opportunities as we will filter in the next step)
Account Name (What’s the company name?)
Opportunity Name (What product(s) did they buy?)
ACV $ (How much was the contract in $?)
Renewal Date (When will they renew?)

Adjust the filter in the “Opportunity Owner” column to show only your deals in the
Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 1.00.57 PM.png

Add the following data to complete the overview as below
Account Exec - Enter the name of the salesperson who closed the deal in the
Stage - Enter the stage of the deal (i.e. Kickoff is post-handoff, Implementation is when you’re training the team who purchased, Implemented means that the team who bought is using it, and finally 😇 Expansion means an upsell in progress ❎)
Check At Risk if the Account is flagged as a potential churn so your manager and executive team can escalate
Pain - what is the primary use case (obtain from the Account Exec and confirm with the client)
Success Metrics - how will success be measured in 3 months? and then in 12 months? (obtain from the Account Exec and confirm with the client)
Upsell Potential - this is calculated from the next two columns as a formula (if sales team is larger than 12 and product team is larger than 6 then the deal is deemed High upsell potential)
Team size - Enter the number of people in Product and Sales (aka expansion potential) from LinkedIn. For example, for Coda Inc, go to , click Next > to see “What they do” and add the number of people in Product and Sales to the respective columns in .
Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 1.19.49 PM.png

Then, you’re off to the races 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 !

Use Salesforce automation tools like to add new deals without lifting a finger!

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