Build guide

What to look at in current build:
A) Learn the basics of the app!
When you first launch the app, you will see a menu floating, this is The Hub, from here you can navigate all the content of the app, make your own and learn how to build your own worlds. To start learning how to use the app, go to the “Learn” tab on the left, click on the Welcome world, see the presentation to the app, when you are done, click the left Oculus button to return to the Hub, then learn how to swim in the next tutorial.
The Hub: where you can navigate between worlds
(exit and re-enter any world by clicking the left oculus menu button)

B) Play the EP's!
Open the app, and try our 3 EP's, you will see them in the explore tab of the Hub in the top part of the menu - Bouncy Beats, Fluid Echoes, and Rain Maker. Each one has a ghost helper to teach you how to make music in this world.
All EP's are work in progress but will be 95% finished for the end of the month.
C) Check out the UGC!
In the explore tab feel free to check out some content our users are making, make sure to check the thumbnail if it is marked as PC only (in that case it will not work so great on the Quest) you can also look at a few user profiles on the list on the left of the hub.
Bug Notes:
Some of the Worlds might be a bit broken but are there to give a reference of what users are already building

D) Start a new world!
- Build your own world by going to "Build" tab in the hub and clicking "Start new world"
- Open and close the library with the X button and spawn instruments and visuals to decorate your world
- Save your world by clicking the left oculus button and clicking save
- Click on your saved world in the hub and publish it
- You can rename your world and add some description to it
Your world is now available for other people to find and play when they look at your profile!
E) Customise your avatar!
Go to your profile in the "Build" tab in the Hub, click on your mask and enter the mask editor,
change the sliders to tweak your mask and exit to save your new mask.
F) Record a performance, save and share it!
Go to EP1 - Fluid Echoes, when you see the ghost recording, delete it by looking at your left wrist (like looking at your watch) and click the ghost icon, then click the delete button above it. Now you are ready to record your own ghost, click the record button and play a bit on the bubbles and instruments in the EP, when you are done, click the record button again to stop the recording. To save your performance, click the save button next to the ghost button on your left wrist. You now saved a version of this EP with your performance! To share it with the community in the app click "Publish" in your new world in the hub, to record a video and share it go into your performance and use the oculus screen recording, from there you can share it on Facebook or get the video file on your computer.

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