Family. Team. Outliers.

Taking meticulous care of each individual of the team which is out on the mission to impact 7 billion people on the earth.
Taking care of the families of the team.
Addressing and solving personal, health, relationship challenges of outliers on appointment basis.

Guiding Principles
Meting out care to the 1% of the 1% of the impact creators in the world.

The team is at peace of mind and in their peak performance that their dear ones are taken care.
More and more outliers become evangelists, investors and open doors for the business and bringing in unprecedented opportunities.

Resources to solve the problem:
EIS (Specific Time Availability)
Implementation Agent (dedicated)
Journey Coach, if required, who will on-board and set frames and drive across the value of provided service.
Work space for outliers

Metrics to measure:
Interruptions in the workflow - 0
Vitality of the team - 10/10
Time frame of delivery from request to completion including review - 1 month
Numbers of referrals from outliers - 2/outlier
Story Telling Culture

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