Silo Crafts - Brass Collection Re-launch 2024

Silo Crafts is excited to announce the relaunch of its highly sought-after Brass Coffee Table Collection in the year 2024. To ensure the success of this relaunch, we are seeking collaboration with well-established and influential creators.
Here is a preview of the collection:

2 of the collection tables can be seen in this video:

Olympus Coffee Table

Recommended Retail Price: $14,145.00 USD

The "Olympus" Pure Brass Coffee Table derives its name from Mount Olympus, the legendary abode of the Olympic gods, owing to its majestic and sturdy presence. It's important to remember that because each piece is meticulously handcrafted, they may have slight variations.
Olympus.       .jpg
Olympus.  .jpg

Dorean Coffee Table

Recommended Retail Price: $8,849.00 USD

The "Dorean" 1 represents the inaugural piece from a series of "Free-Form" interior items meticulously handcrafted from pure brass. Recognizing that each object exhibits subtle distinctions is essential, given its entirely handcrafted nature.
Dorean Brass Coffe Table          .jpg
Dorean Brass Coffe TableDorean Brass Coffe Table.jpg
Dorean Brass Coffe Table    .jpg
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