The Emma Slack App

The Emma Slack App lets you easily include your assistants in your Slack channels and communicate with them using the @emma mention.
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Get Started

Step 1 - Install Emma

Install Emma in your Slack workspace using the button above.
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Step 2 - Connect your account

1. Click the “Connect Now” button

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2. Add your API Token.

You can find or create new API tokens from the
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3. Add an assistant to a channel

To get started, simply click the "Install an assistant" button.
This will bring up a pop-up that shows all the assistants associated with your account.
Choose the one you want, and click "Add assistant" to complete the process.
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4. Interact with your assistant

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Slack commands

You can access additional actions using Slack commands. To view the available commands, type / in a channel.
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Running this command will display general information about using the Slack app.


Running this command will remove an assistant from a channel.


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