CODA.IO MARKDOWN PACK Because of the limitations of formulas there's no way to block include a styled markdown document, but what we can do is use durable xpath selectors (that describe the rendered html), extract that slice of the page, then rerender it to text. In this way we can include living markdown documents in coda documentation.


Each section will be given an id based on it's content, for example ## an Id, about something. 4 would end up with an id of an-id-about-something-4 and would be xpath selectable with //*[@id='an-id-about-something-4']. Using this scheme you can parcel out all of the markdown content, place and style it as you want.


If I wanted to output a slice of markdown I'd need an expath selector for the (inclusive) selector to begin it and the (exclusive) selector that marks the boundary Markdown("","//*[@id='5-generate-migrations']" ,"//*[@id='roadmap']" ) will output: 5. GENERATE MIGRATIONS Finally, because you can compute the difference between schema, you can also generate migrations for sets of changes of your data definitions. * SQL + db-migrate [] * Sequelize [] * Mongo []TBD


To run an example case use: npm run example

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