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Bitoid Technologies

Team of engineers focused on Drupal, React, Blockchain and everything in between.


Our Journey starts in 2010. Started working on a project for UN’s World Food Programme (). Participated to migrate this project from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and after a release of Drupal 8, jumped in to another migration project in 2015 again. This was a great experience as building Drupal systems always require wide range of technical competency.
When modern frontend frameworks appeared on market, it was inavitable to adopt one of them. After adopting React as a primary tool for building web apps, Drupal became a fantastic headless solution in combination.
Since than we have been working for clients like , , .
Today our range of tech consists of JavaScript, React, Node.js, PHP, Symfony, Drupal.

Our Team

Otar Zakalashvili
Drupal developer
9 years
Nika Nabakhteveli
Full-Stack JavaScript developer
1 year
Mariam Aptsiauri
React Developer - 1 year of professional experience
1 year
Luka Kuchaidze
PHP Developer - 1 year of professional experience
1 year

While our team members might specialize in one specific technology, our approach is always full-stack. All of our team members can work on wide range of technical problems and deliver work using technology agnostic approach. Different languages and frameworks are just tools to solve problems.

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