4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bottle Labelling Machine

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Whenever you visit a shop, the first thing that catches your mind is the label on the products displayed on the shelves. Your inner conscience will prompt you to pick a product with a bright and attractive label system. If you want to sell products and services, the most significant step is to select a high-quality label to make it visually appealing. Appearance is vital for all businesses to have a long-lasting effect on the customers’ minds. The question that arises here is – how do you make your labels look attractive and catchy? The answer lies in utilizing a good quality label machine that uses superior technology to paste labels on the finished products like bottles, jars, cans, bags, etc.
Bottle labelling and its significance
Bottle labels inform the customers when and where a product got manufactured, the company that manufactured it, the ingredients used to make it, and other relevant information deemed fit for the consumer base. So, is significant because it informs customers what they purchase.
You can differentiate between products by making them more appealing to the customers through bottle labelling. You must fulfil the legal requirements of bottle labelling and consider it significant to label the products considering how they get perceived by the public. The quality and design of bottle labelling can have an impact on sales. Labelling acts like a final touch to your finished product before getting displayed in the market.
Factors to consider when purchasing bottle labelling machines
You have several decisions in the pipeline before buying a labelling machine for your company. With multiple options available in the market, you must consider four factors before purchasing the equipment.
· The bottle shapes
Most bottles are cylindrical containers, and because of that, the labelling machines can handle only the cylindrical shape. Taper bottles have different criteria for label application. So, having the product information in hand is vital for purchasing the machine that suits your needs and requirements.
· The bottle sizes
Labelling machines that can handle multiple bottle sizes must be your top priority during the purchasing time. Your company may cater to unique bottling processes which require the manufacture of various bottle sizes. So, make sure to get a machine that fulfils all requirements.
· The adhesive labels
Companies may need 1-5 adhesive labels for a product depending on its design. From wraparound labels to front labels and back labels, consider every requirement before making the decision to purchase a labelling machine.
· Label printing
Sometimes, a labelling machine may need a piece of additional printing equipment to add expiry dates, serial numbers, bar codes, etc. So, make sure that the product you decide to purchase has a similar specification.
Final thoughts
You may find it baffling to get the perfect bottle labelling machine in the market. If you are confused about your choices, visit Optima Weightech, and get your labelling machine installed within hours at an affordable cost. The equipment is available in different versions, and you can pick the one that best suits the needs of your company’s packaging requirements.
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