Game Prep Creative Brief

Background and Objectives
Game Prep is a behind-the-scenes storytelling series following athletes through their preparation before competitive events.
Our stories are a window into the pre-game prep of individual athletes.
Our goal is to reveal the dedication, processes, and challenges athletes face in their prep. We aim to inspire youth athletes with stories about their peers and build a self-sustaining media brand around mental performance.
Highlight the individual journey over the team journey
Show personal growth is a solitary journey
Away from coaches and teammates and their support team, all individuals face their own challenges
We learn from our own experiences while battling our own hurdles and personal demons
Stories of overcoming their circumstances are inspiring and revealing
Seeing stories of other athletes and competitors have a influence on young athletes that are different from coaches, trainers, and parents.
Target Audience
Aspiring youth athletes
Peer groups and competitors
Coaches and trainers
Key Messages
Show the journey of personal growth, overcoming challenges, and use the power of stories to inspire. Highlights the value of mental prep and processes before competition.
Every video will:
Tell a story of transformation - we start at point A and end at B.
Include elements of education and entertainment
What can you learn from this story / this athlete?
Contain some mystery. Answer how did this turn out at the end.
Format and Style
Medium-form YouTube videos, 1-10 minutes.
Repurpose into video shorts for YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
Story Concept Template
Opens with v/o of athlete background
Set the stage - what is the competition
Starts with morning wake up
Show countdown clock till game time
Ends on the sound of first whistle - tip off - starting gun
Fade to black with game results / outcome
Show snapshots or video clip of competition and result
Ideal athlete profile - Who we are looking for?
Dedicated and disciplined in achieving their goals
Has evolved their own process and approach to prep
Who has a compelling personal story to tell?
Highly recruited
Seen by scouts and media as “up and coming”
Recommended and praised by their coaches
May have NIL agreement
Engaged social media presence is advantageous
YouTube, Instagram, TikTok.
Benefits and why do this:
Own all content rights
Builds awareness and exposure for developing the mental side of sports competition
Differentiates and builds content moat against other likely competitors in the sport performance field
Builds network and co-collaborators
Correct medium and formatting for young adult target market
Short form for short attention spans
Timeline and Budget TBD
Platform ad revenue
Post-production direct sales
Pitch with a spec reel
Production Partners
Promote the mission of holistic youth athlete development. Uses storytelling and media to showcase the mental side of the game.
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