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One Week of One Huddle!

🎁 HELLO! And Welcome to your free week of One Huddle ( 🍀 lucky you!).
👀 Read on for a preview on who’s here, getting set up, and getting all your questions answered.
At One Huddle, we are so honored to support you through the ups, downs and all the in-between moments of this lifelong journey of parenthood.
What we’re doing here is kinda new! So we've got a four minute tour (truly, we promise) to preview what's coming, so when you get there you can jump right in.
Or if you’re like: I got this, just get me there!, to go right to One Huddle on Slack!

👩🏻 Who is Here?

1 // Your Experts! ...or see some of them live in action (1-minute) here👇!

2 // Your Community Coach. Need anything? DM Katie! And, she wanted to say hi 🥰.

3 // 👩🏽‍🍼New parents just like you, asking questions in community channels, and sharing supportive experiences.

🛠️ Getting Set Up

1 // Slack. The One Huddle community is currently on Slack, a messaging app usually used at work. So, yeah, for us it's a little quirky! (But hopefully 🤪-quirky vs 🤯-quirky!!).
First, Slack is going to ask you to log in with your work email. 📣 IGNORE! Please simply enter a personal email.
Slack may (or may not! you never know) then ask you to add contacts. You can skip this! Hooray!

😰 When you (finally! We know!) get into Slack, it will look like this:
Each expert answers questions in her channel. You can browse channels by topic, read other Huddlers’ questions, and ask your own!

🙋🏽‍♀️ Ask your Question!

Yay! You did it! You’re set up in Slack and ready to ask your question.
1 // Ask in a Channel. We believe in the power of community questions. To ask an expert a question, click into their channel and post! Experts reply in 24 hours, and other Huddlers also have a chance to chime in.

2 // Ask Anonymously. We’ll say it again: we believe in the power of community questions. And, we know sometimes your question is private. To ask anything anonymously, DM your question to 🤖 HuddleBot, your automated helper, who will route it to the right expert(s).
NOTE: Anonymous questions are still answered in the expert’s channel. Your identity will simply not be attached.

🫶 Expectations

One Huddle promises to offer support. YOU are an important part of that! So, always...
Be kind.
Show up as your authentic self (no sales, promotion or spam).
Keep the One Huddle conversation here, and only here.
👀 If you see something on One Huddle that just ain’t right, please DM HuddleBot or Katie.
By logging into the One Huddle instance on Slack, you are agreeing to the Community Standards outlined above. One Huddle reserves the right to update and take enforcement action for violations of our Community Standards.

🙌 Okay! Ready?? (we know you are!!) 🚀 Let’s GO!!

using your personal email. See you there!!

💖 How else can we support you?

If you have more questions about One Huddle, the Slack experience, or anything we can do to make things better for you, please reach out to Katie, your Community Coach, via a Slack DM or via email at

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