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Customer Service

Brand- A Brand is something that consumers can identify with when seeking services from an organization. When you say an organization has built a brand, it means they have more visibility, a special catch, and more to it.
Bug- A Bug is an error, mistake, or failure in a computer program that causes accidental results. Such software bugs are caused by errors made in a program’s source code or design or by producing incorrect code. Bugs can cause the program to crash or freeze the system.
Business Hours- Business Hours are the hours during which a business’ support staff usually works. These hours depend on when an organization would operate for its customers to communicate their questions or troubles.
Bulk Import- Bulk Import is a process where many files or users are added to the system faster. You can add new users or update existing ones to your system.
Callback-Callbacks are when customers ask your support team members to schedule product demos, resolve technical issues, and more on a call. The customers will see the callback message when they request one during or after a customer support process.
Canned Response- Canned Responses are predefined messages used to send replies to common questions and situations.
Channels-Channels are different mediums you choose to connect with your customers. These can include emails, social media platforms, real-time customer support chat, calls, and more.
Chat Button-A Live Chat Button enables website visitors to request for support with a customer representative in a moment. It can be placed anywhere on a website to increase sales, profit, customer satisfaction, and confidence.

Chat Response Time is a metric to monitor how much time your operators took to respond to chats. This helps in understanding the efficiency of your operators.
Chat Ticketing- Chat Ticketing is a process where chats and conversations are converted into tickets. They record and archive communication between customers and company in one place.
Closed Ticket- Closed Ticket is the final ticket status added by the customer. It helps other agents know that the issue has been resolved.
Comment- Comment helps you record communication on tickets. Customer representatives can use them to keep other support reps updated on chats or tickets.
Customer Delight- Customer delight, also called customer wow, is surprising your customers by surpassing their expectations of customer support and service. This customer service terminology explains how your amazing service can create a positive emotional connection for the customer with your brand.
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