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Words to describe your coworker's performance

Independent: You do a great job working independently, and I always know your work will be completed in a timely manner.
Disciplined: You're extremely disciplined and always see tasks through to completion.
Organized: Your organization levels of unparalleled in the office.
Proactive: You're proactive and take the steps to prepare for newly hired employees before their start date.
Efficient: You always do an outstanding job of looking for the most efficient way to accomplish tasks, a trait that benefits the entire team.
Resourceful: You're extremely resourceful and do a great job identifying solutions to problems on your own before addressing them with anyone else.
Meticulous: Because you were so meticulous with your work, we caught the error and resolved the problem quickly.
Consistent: Our team can always count on you because the quality of your work is so consistent.
Observant: You're incredibly observant and notice even small details.

Words to describe your coworkers' personalities

Here are some words you can use to communicate to your coworkers that they're enjoyable to work with:
Likable: You're likable and easy to work with.
Polite: You're always polite and remain calm, even under stressful circumstances.
Considerate: You're always considerate of others' time when committing to project deadlines.
Understanding: You're patient and understanding when projects don't go according to plan.
Helpful: I appreciate how helpful you are and how frequently you volunteer within the office.
Easy-going: You have an easy-going manner that makes you so enjoyable to work with.
Insightful: You're often insightful and help me see situations from another perspective.
Self-assured: Your self-assured personality gives confidence to the rest of the team.
Friendly: You have a friendly demeanor that puts others instantly at ease.
Generous: You're extremely generous with your time and often volunteer to help others.
Encouraging: I appreciate how encouraging you are with your team.
Fair: You're always fair with how you treat others.
Upbeat: Your upbeat, enthusiastic attitude has a big impact on the entire office.
Open-minded: You're always open-minded and willing to consider all possible options.
Relaxed: Even when we're rapidly approaching a deadline, you remain relaxed and calm.
Curious: It's because you're so curious that you are always learning and improving.
Humble: You're one of the best sales professionals we have but are always so humble when other sales reps ask what strategies have led you to success.
Confident: Your confidence in this project helps everyone around you feel optimistic.
Calm: Your calm demeanor always helps the rest of the team relax when stress is high.
Amiable: You're always amiable, which is essential in an office that has so many people.
Witty: Your witty personality makes you so enjoyable to work with.
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