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A closed book

Meaning: A person or subject that few know much about.
Example: Sullivan is a closed book. We know nothing about him.

An open book

Meaning: A person or subject that is easy to get to know, or is well known
Example: Don’t be scared to ask Molly anything, she’s an open book.

Book smart

Meaning: A person who acquires knowledge from reading and studying, but lacks common sense.
Example: Jennifer may be book smart, but she has no common sense!

A Bookworm

Meaning: A person who loves to read
Example: Lisa is such a book worm. She has read 3 books just this week!


Meaning: A way to describe someone’s financial state
Example: I went through my bankbook and I have no money for my rent this month.

By the book

Meaning: A person who does something according to the rules.
Example: Chris does everything by the book, so you know it is getting done right.

Cuddle up with a good book

Meaning: To get cozy and comfortable while reading a book.
Example: My plan for this afternoon is to cuddle up with a good book.

Do you read me?

Meaning: Another way of asking “do you understand me?”
Example: Hey Peter, do you read me?

Every trick in the book

Meaning: To try all available means to achieve the desired result
Example: I’ve tried every trick in the book, yet I still can’t get my car to start.

I’ll see you in the funny pages

Meaning: A way to say farewell or goodbye to someone.
Example: Thank you for everything. I’ll see you in the funny pages.

In my book

Meaning: In my personal opinion
Example: Despite what others say, in my book, Tom is a good person.

In someone’s bad book

Meaning: To be in someone’s disfavor, to have their disapproval
Example: Timothy is definitely in Paul’s bad book.

In someone’s good book

Meaning: To be in someone’s favor, to have their approval
Example: Rosie is in Henry’s good book.
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