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How are you today? What did you last eat? What are the ingredients of that food?
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
Are you a vegetarian? If not, have you ever considered becoming a vegetarian?
What reasons do people have for becoming vegetarians?
How could not eating meat have a positive effect on the environment?
Is it natural or unnatural for humans to eat meat?
What kinds of health challenges can vegetarians have that meat-eaters do not have?
What kinds of health problems do meat-eaters experience that vegetarians might avoid?
Which foods do vegetarians eat a lot of to replace what they miss by not eating meat?
Vegans not only avoid eating meat, they avoid using animal products in other ways too. What do you think about people who make a commitment like this?
Are there any well-known vegetarian or vegan restaurants in your city or town? If you have eaten at one of them, talk about your experience.
Can you cook any vegetarian dishes? Talk about something you can make.
Most humans are omnivores. That is, they eat both animal meat and plants. Have you heard about people who eat only meat (carnivores)? Is this possible?
Some people believe humans are reincarnated as animals and offer this as one reason to be vegetarian. What do you think about the idea of reincarnation?
Do you believe humans are superior to animals? If so, in what ways are they superior? In what ways are they not superior?
Do you believe animals have the right to humane treatment? Do they deserve the same level of treatment that we offer to other humans?
Who are some famous vegetarians?
What kinds of social problems arise when vegetarians and meat-eaters try to eat together?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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