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Intermediate Vocabulary for the week 2
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BBC (noun): British Broadcasting Corporation, a public broadcaster of radio and television programs in the UK. - The BBC has some really interesting current affairs shows.
boxed set (also "box set") (noun): a collection of TV series episodes, music albums or movies on a set of DVD or Blu-ray discs - I just bought a boxed set of the first five seasons of Doctor Who!
broadcast (verb): to send television or radio signals over the air - Most television stations didn't broadcast in colour until the 1960s.
cable TV(noun): television channels that paying customers receive via coaxial or fibre-optic cable - When we first got cable TV in 1983, we watched lots of music videos on MTV.
channel (noun): a public or private broadcaster of TV shows - Let's change the channel and watch something else.
CNN (noun): Cable News Network, a private cable TV news channel - CNN was one of the first 24-hour cable channels that only showed news.
commercial (noun): an advertisement on television or radio - If a TV channel shows too many commercials, not many people will watch it.
commercial television (noun): private television companies that make money by showing commercials - My dad hated commercials, so we never watched commercial television.
current affairs (noun): political, economic and social events that are current, or happening now - We usually watch a current affairs show after the nightly news.
episode (noun): one part of a TV series, usually 30 to 60 minutes long - How many episodes are there in the first season of Game of Thrones?
free-to-air (adjective): can be watched for free by anyone with a television set - Before cable television appeared, all television broadcasts were free-to-air.
HBO (noun): Home Box Office, a private cable TV channel that shows movies and TV series - John and Liz love watching movies, so they don't mind paying extra for HBO.
PBS (noun): Public Broadcasting Service, a public broadcaster of radio and television programs in the U.S.A. - Did you watch that show about Martin Luther King on PBS last night?
public television (noun): free government-funded TV channels that don't usually show commercials - There are some really good shows on public television in Australia.
reality TV (noun): a form of television in which members of the public are shown in competitive situations - Some of the most famous reality TV shows include Big Brother, The Voice and Survivor.
season (noun): a set of related episodes shown over one single period of weeks or months - Did you think the second season of Downton Abbey was as good as the first season?
series (noun) a television show that tells a story over many episodes or seasons - The best series I've seen recently is called Top of the Lake.
show (noun): a programme on television or radio - Did you watch that show on the BBC last night about the history of India?
sitcom (or "situation comedy") (noun): a TV series about a group of people who keep getting into comical situations - Julie's all-time favourite sitcoms are The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.
the news (noun): a television or radio broadcast with the latest news and current events - When I was a kid, we watched the news on Channel 2 every night at 7 o'clock.
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