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Intermediate Vocabulary for the week 2
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broadcast journalism- news on television or radio
print journalism-written news in newspapers, magazines, etc.
online journalism- news on the internet
citizen journalism- a new expression describing the kind of journalism based on images, audio and reports sent in to news groups by ordinary members of the public who witnessed events
independent media- media groups which are not controlled by the government
broadsheets-newspapers (traditionally larger in size) which generally contain serious reports and analyses of news
tabloids- newspapers (usually smaller than broadsheets) which contain lighter stories and focus more on entertainment and gossip
24 hour news channels- stations which provide news all day and night
rolling news- non-stop news
to cover a story- to report on an event or development
in-depth coverage of-a thorough analysis of
to verify- to check that something is correct
eyewitness reports- descriptions of what happened by people who actually saw an event take place
breaking news- news which is just coming in
information above is taken from the

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