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Intermediate Vocabulary for the week 2
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Alibi – The information given to show that someone was not present when a crime was committed
Booked – Taking an official record of someone’s name and personal information, usually for the purpose of arrest
Clue – A piece of evidence or information that’s helpful in a criminal investigation
Coroner – The professional who conducts an autopsy or medical examination, of a dead victim
Deduction – A process of reasoning based on known, related facts, leading to a reasoned conclusion
Detective – A person, either professional or amateur, who gathers information in order to solve a crime
Evidence – Facts, physical proof, or information that can be used to solve a crime
Felony – A crime that typically involves violence
Homicide – Murder, or the branch of policing which investigates a murder
Intelligence – Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting all the information in an investigation
Inspector – A police officer ranking below a superintendent or police chief
Interrogate – To ask questions of someone in an investigation
Investigation – A thorough search for facts, especially those that are hidden or need to be sorted out
Motive – The reason behind a crime
Perpetrator – The person who committed a crime, sometimes shortened to perp
Sleuth – A synonym for a detective, or someone who studies clues to solve a crime
Suspect – The person who might have committed a crime under investigation
Testimony – Legal evidence given by a reliable witness under oath
Undercover – The act of disguising one’s identity in order to collect evidence or information in an investigation
Victim – The person who has been harmed, injured, or killed as the result of a crime or accident
Warrant – A document issued by an official authorizing an arrest or the search of someone’s premises
Witness – Someone who saw something related to a crime
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