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Employment Trends

How are you today? How hard it is to find a well paid job nowadays?
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
In many countries there has been an increase in hourly paid employment. Why do you think that is?
Would you prefer to be paid by the hour or paid a fixed salary? Why?
Why do some people choose to work part time? Would this suit you?
What is the ideal number of hours a person should work every week? Are you happy with your hours?
What is the unemployment rate in your country right now? Is it increasing or decreasing?
What is the best thing a government can do to keep unemployment low in your opinion?
In certain countries like the UK, there are fewer manufacturing jobs than in the past. Why is this?
Are there any jobs that you think will not exist in 20 years' time? What are they?
Can you think of any new professions that will be created in the near future?
What did your parents and grandparents do for a living? How is it different to what you are doing now?
What impact has migrant labour had on your country in recent years? Would you like to see more or less in future?
Is self-employment on the increase in your country? Does it appeal to you?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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