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Charles Darwin

How are you today? Who is Charles Darwin?
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
Do you think that evolution is "just" a theory?
What does the word "theory" mean to a scientist? In other words, what do scientists mean when they refer to the "theory of relativity" the "theory of evolution"?
What does the word "hypothesis" mean to a scientist?
What do you understand by the term ‘natural selection’?
What do you think of the term ‘survival of the fittest’? Is it the best description of evolution?
If an animal survives, but doesn’t reproduce, is it helping the evolution of the species?
Does evolution always produce animals which are "better"? What about cave-living fish which lose their eyes? Or island-living birds which lose the ability to fly?
Why do you think that some species survive and evolve while others go extinct?
Did Darwin’s theory of evolution "kill God"? Is it possible to reconcile contradictions between religious texts and his theory?
Did we evolve from monkeys, did monkeys evolve from humans or did we both evolve from something else?
What human traits are you familiar with that are a direct result of evolution from our common ancestor?
Why have humans evolved to have different colours and other features?
In what ways are Homo sapiens and Neanderthals similar?
Should we attempt to clone Neanderthals from their DNA samples?
If Neanderthals had survived to this day how do you think our species - Homo sapiens - would treat them?
Are humans in any way “special”? How exactly?
Are human beings the pinnacle of evolution? In other words, are we the "best evolved" species - the "objective" of the evolutionary process?
Are there other animals better adapted to their environment than we are?
If intelligence is so useful why are we the only species to have evolved it?
Are we still evolving or does science and technology do it for us?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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