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Grammar Unit
New: Intermediate

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Zero Conditional

Try to answer the following questions with a zero conditional statement (if/when + present, present). Try to follow your statement with further explanation.
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
What happens if a person doesn’t sleep for 24 hours?
What is the result when you eat something very cold?
If you put a spicy pepper in your mouth, what happens?
What happens to grass if there is no rain for a long time?
What happens when people don’t exercise?
What happens if you leave ice cream outside on a hot day?
What do babies do when they are hungry?
What do people do when they drink too much alcohol?
What happens if a person touches a hot stove?
If a dog senses danger, what does it do?
What do people do when a performance finishes?
What happens when there is an electricity blackout?
What happens if you study hard?
If you don’t store milk in the refrigerator, what happens to it?
When you heat a marshmallow in a microwave, what happens to it?
What happens if you talk loudly in a library?
What happens if the police catch you speeding?
What happens if you don’t recharge your phone?
When a cat sees a mouse, what does it do?
If the sky is red at night, how is the weather the next day?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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