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Grammar elem
Grammar elem

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Tag Question

How are you today? Answer the tag questions. Follow your answer with at least one sentence of further explanation. Continue your conversation if possible.
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
You have a pet, don’t you?
You don’t have a sandwich in your bag, do you?
Kenya is in Africa, isn’t it?
You don’t like doing homework, do you?
You hate liars, don’t you?
You love speaking English, don’t you?
It’s warm today, isn’t it?
We’re doing this well, aren’t we?
I should study harder, shouldn’t I?
It’s not your birthday today, is it?
You brushed your teeth this morning, didn’t you?
I look nice, don’t I?
We should take a break soon, shouldn’t we?
You can swim, can’t you?
Someone in your family can speak French, can’t they?
The Government is doing a great job, isn’t it?
You haven’t seen a movie lately, have you?
You would like a drink, wouldn’t you?
You aren’t a fan of Manchester United, are you?
You were busy last night, weren’t you?
You weren’t visited by a ghost, were you?
You have to go home early today, don’t you?
You are a professional soccer player, aren’t you?
Girls grow faster than boys, don’t they?
It will be cold tonight, won’t it?
You’re going to have fun this weekend, aren’t you?
You won’t forget me, will you?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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