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Grammar elem
Grammar elem

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Comparative Adjective

Try to answer each question with a comparative adjective and then continue your conversation naturally.
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
Which drinks are sweeter than fruit juice?
What’s saltier, potato chips or pretzels?
What materials are harder than wood?
Who is taller than you in your family?
Has anyone been kinder to you than your own family?
Who might be smarter than you in this room?
Who is faster at answering these questions than you?
Which color is more fashionable than others this year?
Which animal looks stranger - the elephant or the giraffe?
Could you run faster than a cow?
What’s more dangerous than a gun?
What is more refreshing than a cold drink of water on a hot day?
What’s more relaxing than lying on a soft bed?
Which forms of communication are slower than email?
Which companies are more valuable than Microsoft?
Who sings better than Celine Dion?
Can you think of a movie that is more exciting than Titanic?
Which of these is more deadly: lightning, tornados or earthquakes?
Which planets are closer to Earth than Neptune?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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