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Grammar elem
Grammar elem

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Can Conversation Questions

#4 DISCUSS the quote
Answer the following questions using can (ability). Vary your language occasionally with be able to. Try to continue each conversation natural
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
What kind of human behavior can’t you understand?
What can’t you do at all?
What food can’t you eat? Why can’t you eat it?
What can you draw?
Why can’t you slam dunk a basketball? Or can you?
Why can’t you get perfect scores on every test and exam?
Who can you trust?
Who in your life can you go to for advice?
When can you sleep? Can you sleep at any time?
Where can you fall asleep? Do you have to be in your own bed?
Where can we see beautiful scenery?
Where can I go to get a bargain?
How can a person be safe if they are outside at night?
How can I get to a convenience store from here?
How can we know when a dog is happy or sad?
How can I learn English more quickly?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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