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Elementary vocabulary
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Town and City

cosmopolitan - containing people from different countries and cultures, i.e.
London's a very cosmopolitan city.
lively - full of life and energy, i.e.
He's a very lively child.
The town was pretty lively; there were lots of things happening every evening.
pretty - (adverb - informal) meaning: almost as strong as 'very', i.e.
She's pretty good at maths.
The movie was pretty awful.
run-down - in bad condition, usually about buildings; areas of a town or city, i.e.
He lives in a very run-down part of town.
suburb - areas where people live, outside the town centre, i.e.
I used to live in the city centre but now I have a flat in the suburbs.
up-market - an expensive area of a town or city, i.e
It used to be a run-down area of town but there's been a lot investment in new
shops and now it's very up-market.

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