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Valentine’s Day

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
What is Valentine's Day?
What is the origin of Valentine's Day? (Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?)
Is Valentine's Day celebrated in your country?
How do children celebrate Valentine's Day in school?
What do you usually do for Valentine's Day?
What do you plan on doing this Valentine's Day?
Do you make any special food for Valentine's Day?
On Valentine's Day, is it more common for men to give gifts to women or for women to give gifts to men?
Have you ever gotten a valentine or love letter on Valentine's Day?
What is Valentine's Day like for singles? (What do single people do on Valentine's Day?)
Do you think Valentine's Day makes single people feel lonely?
Do you think Valentine's Day is too commercial or consumerist?
What is your favorite kind of Valentine's Day chocolate?
Do you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate?
Do you like nuts or caramels in your chocolates?
What are common gifts that people give?
Do you know anyone that has gotten engaged or married on Valentine's Day?
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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