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Elementary Love Vocabulary


My Lips Are Sealed
Meaning: use it when you want to promise someone not to tell their secret
Of course, when our lips are sealed, it’s tight shut. So if you put some glue between your lips, so you’re not able to speak.
To Dish The Dirt
Meaning: reveal or spread some details, usually unpleasant and negative information
When we talk about dishing, for example, when we are serving a meal, the food in which we serve can be a dish. When when we actually serve the food or take it out of the pan and put it on individual plates, this is what we call ‘to dish’ or to serve.
To Keep Something Under Your Hat
Meaning: keep something a secret
To Sweep Something Under The Carpet/Rug
Meaning: to try to hide some problem hoping that nobody will notice and it will disappear
When we use this expression, we want to forget about something. Or we know it’s a problem, but we’re not going to deal with it.
English Idioms About Secrets
On The Sly
Meaning: when we do something on the sly, we try to do it without anybody knowing about it; we try to do it secretly
A Little Bird Told Me
Meaning: we use this expression, when we’ve heard a rumour, or we’ve heard some gossip, we might know the source of it, or we might not.
English Idioms Related To Secrets
To Spill The Beans
Meaning: to reveal information or disclose a secret
To Be A Fly On The Wall
Meaning: to be in a place where something important is happening (negotiation, discussion, row) so you could hear the conversations without anybody knowing that you’re there.
To Cover Your Tracks
Meaning: to do something to hide your activities from someone
To Bite Your Tongue
Meaning: make an effort not to say something that you really want to say or disclose some information or gossip that you’ve heard

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