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Elementary Love Vocabulary

Opinions and preferences

Giving your opinion
“I think that it’s important to eat lots of vegetables.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to miss breakfast.”
In my opinion
“In my opinion, Italian food is healthy.”
I’m sure that
“I’m sure that a vegetarian diet is better for you.”
Here are some opinion adjectives that you can use to talk about food:
disgusting = taste horrible
“The fish was great, but the chips were disgusting!”
horrible = really bad
“The starters were good, but the main course was horrible.
awful = really bad
“Don’t go there. It’s an awful restaurant.”
terrible = really bad
“The waiters are rude and the service is terrible.”
delicious = tasting very good
“Try the fish soup. It’s delicious.”
fantastic = very good
“Their Sunday lunches are fantastic.”
excellent = very good
“Their wine list is excellent.”
amazing = very good
“We had an amazing meal at the new French restaurant.”
English phrases for saying what you prefer
Here are some ways you can talk about your choices.
I prefer X to Y
“I prefer French food to British food.”
“She prefers vegetarian food.”
I’d rather (+ verb without “to”)
“I’d rather have the steak.”
“He’d rather eat meat than fish.”

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