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Advanced new classic Vocabulary for the week
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Avalanche-A huge amount of snow sliding down the slope of a mountain
Blizzard-A very strong cold wind with a lot of snow
Bushfire-An uncontrollable fire burning all the bushes in its way
Cumulonimbus-A large cloud of water vapor pushed by strong currents of air
Cyclone-A large and rotating air mass
Drought-When there is very low rainfall which leads to depletion of water for a very long period
Dust Storm-A strong wind mass carrying dust
Earthquake-Violent trembling of the ground due to the tension between tectonic plates
Erosion-The wearing away of the surface of our planet
Forest Fire-A large scale fire in the forest
Flood-An overflow of water at a very large scale
Hailstorm-A storm of balls of hail
Hurricane-A storm with a very violent flow of wind
Heat Wave-A wave of high-temperature air
Natural disasters-A natural calamity causing a great deal of loss to life
Rainstorm-A storm with very heavy rain
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