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Pick up methods

#4 Agree or disagree
How are you today? Do pick up techniques work?
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
What’s the difference between picking up a woman and picking up a man?
Is it normal for women in your country to pick up men?
Does it turn you off when someone shows too much interest in you?
How do you pick up people you find attractive?
Have you ever had a one-night–stand with someone?
How did it go? Would you do it again?
7. What are the common methods for women to pick up guys? What about vice versa?

Men don’t like to be approached.
Women find it attractive when a guy approaches them.
Men today don’t approach well due to too much social media interaction.
The best way to pick up a person is a nightclub or a bar.
It’s pointless to hook up with someone for one night.
Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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