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Declaring Love

#4 Agree or disagree
Name as many Olympic sports as you can in three minutes. Compare your results.
Give students an explanation and let them guess the word from vocabulary.
Are the words “i love you” meaningful to you? How?
Do you believe people when they tell you?
Do you like hearing those words?
How can you tell someone is being honest with you when they tell you they love you?
Do you tell your loved ones you love them?
How do they respond? Why do we tell people these words - for us or for them?
Is it selfish if its for us? Is it selfless if its for them? Explain why.

Words mean nothing, only actions do.
We should show people we love them instead of telling them.
I love you are the strongest words of expressing love.
It has become meaningless to tell someone we love them in 2022.
Women say “I love you” more than men.

Give students feedback on their mistakes.
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