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Advanced Love vocabulary
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Pick up methods

Pick-up artist-A man devoted to using a specific set of strategies in order to seduce ("pick up") women, and who perhaps instructs other men in how to do the same. You know how everyone tells you to just be yourself when talking to a girl? Well, a pick-up artist will tell you to do the opposite.
One-on-one time with a woman who separated herself from her group of friends temporarily or permanently. Example; when a woman is with her friends in a nightclub but separates from her group for a few minutes to dance with you or talk to you without her friends.
The mentality or measure of possessing or being able to produce many dating opportunities. Having abundance means that your behaviors are not out of scarcity, and therefore you would be more willing to walk away from bad dating options or bad relationships. Abundance conveys high value.
The capacity that a man has to generate sexual interest in a woman. Many things can create attraction. To name a few, it could be helped by social status, preselection, charisma, wealth, social intelligence, fitness level, confidence, energy, etc.
Approach anxiety
To fear or hesitate approaching women during day game or night game.
Friend with benefits
A friend that you have sex with, without being in a formal or committed relationship.
Example; a female friend you have sexual activity with, without the intention of forming a stable romantic bond or relationship.
Friend zone
When a woman dismisses you as a potential romantic or sexual partner, and sees you as a friend.

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