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How to cope with a break up

to cope with-deal effectively with something difficult.
break up- Often couples break up, or end their relationship. Sometimes the break-up [noun form] is easy, sometimes the break-up is messy and heartbreaking.
split up- Split up is a synonym of break up, but it is more informal. It can be used to talk about the end of a relationship and the end of a marriage.
leave someone (for someone)
Sometimes the end of a relationship is not a mutual decision. One person decides that the relationship is over and leaves the other person.
dump someone
This is another synonym for break up, but it is more informal. It is not something that you do together. One person dumps another person. It’s not a nice thing to do to someone! It usually means that it was sudden and unexpected.
my ex
When a relationship ends, the other person becomes your ex. This is short for ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

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