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ABHOR - To reject, disdain
ABSOLUTE - Without flaw, perfect
ADDICTION - Tendency, proneness
BALK - To hesitate, chop; to dispute
BRAVE - Handsome
CHARACTER - Letter, word
COIL - Distress, trouble
COUCH - To go to sleep
CUNNING - Clever, sharp
DELATION - Accusation
DESERVING - Merit, reward
DRAW - To bring near, call to
EGAL - Equal
EMBOSS - To track with the intent to kill
EXPEDIENCE - Quickness
FANCY - To desire
FEAR - To scare, frighten
FRONT - To oppose, affront, object
GAST - Scared, aghast
GRAVE - To inter, bury
HEAVY - Sad, painful, mournful
INHERIT - Given; to accept or believe
JUDICIOUS - Fair, equitable
KNAP - To hit, strike
KNAVE - A young boy, a servant
LAND - Yard
LAPSED - Shocked, overcome
MAD - Crazy, wild
MATE - To confuse; to match
NOTE - Bill, list; to take note of
OUGHT - Privy to, promised
PAINFUL - Difficult, hard to do
PALL - To wrap up
PARTICOAT - To cover in colorful fabric
PERPEND - To think of, consider
QUAINT - Beautiful, ornate
QUAKE - To shake, tremble
QUICKEN - To bring to life, bring to one's senses
RAPTURE - A fit, ecstasy
RAVIN - Likely to destroy; hunger
RESPECT - Forethought, consideration
RETIRE - To go to bed, to retreat
SHRIFT - To admit
SIMULAR - Counterfeit
STILL - Always, forever
SUBSCRIPTION - Acquiescence, obedience
TAKE - To overtake; to enthrall
TAX - Blame, censure
TESTY - Worrisome
TRIGON - A triangle
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