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Painting and Leonardo da Vinci

Describe a painting according to the plan:

the subject of a painting (what is depicted in it)
the composition (how space is arranged) and the colours
the details
the impression made by the picture
1. To begin with, you should say that the painting belongs to a particular genre. It can be
the portrait
the landscape (seascape, townscape)
the still life
the genre scene
the historical/ mythological painting
To begin with, this painting is a portrait which belongs to the brush of (…. the name of the painter)
1.1. If you remember some information about the painter, say it then.
This artist lived in the ……century and worked in the style known as Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Expressionism, Abstract Art.
1.2. Give your opinion about the painting. Use adjectives:
lifelike = true to life
dreamlike = work of imagination
To my mind, it is apicture, which shows (….say what you see)
2. Mention the colours and the composition
2.1. Colours can be:
warm/ cold colours
bold colours
oppressive colours
bright colours
deep colours
light colours
soft and delicate colours
The picture is painted in …… colours. These colours contrast very well.
The dominating colours are ….
The colours contrast with each other.
2.2. Mention the composition/ the space:
The space of the picture is symmetrically/ asymmetrically divided.
2.3. Try to describe what you can see in general
In the centre/middle of the painting we can see a ….
In the foreground there is a….
In the background there are….
In the far distance we can make out the outline of a…
On the left/ right stands/ sits…
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