Break or Split a Single PST file into Small Chunks/Pieces

"In this essay, we'll talk about how to divide PST files into manageable chunks. We will also be aware of every cause conceivable for wanting to divide PST files in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010. It should be noted that the ANSI PST file's maximum size is 2 GB, whereas the Unicode PST file's maximum size is 50 GB.
The storage limit of PST files is directly inversely correlated with the likelihood of data loss and corruption. Microsoft Outlook performs worse if the PST files go over the allotted storage space. At worst, this might prevent you from accessing your mailbox, and at best, it could result in data loss.

As a result, splitting PST files into smaller sizes is a common way to prevent this circumstance and protect data from any loss. Even while it sounds simple in theory to "just split the file," doing so is more complicated in practice. It is a need till you have an automatic Outlook PST Split Expert since the manual PST file splitting approach requires technical hands and unlimited time.

Manual Steps: Utilizing the "Move to Folder Option"

Start the Microsoft Outlook program to get things going.
Click the "File" tab in the top left corner and then select "Account setting" from the list.
Next, choose the "Data files" tab and the "Add" button at the same time to add a new PST file. For convenience, give the file a distinctive name.
Simply choose "Home" after adding, then select the previous PST file for your Outlook profile.
Pick the objects you wish to transfer to the brand-new PST file.
To copy to a folder, click "Copy to Folder" on the "Move" tab of the ribbon.
Select the newly produced PST file to move your chosen things from the old PST file after using the "Copy to Folder" process.
To achieve your goal of performing all this, delete copied things from the old PST to make the old PST smaller after moving items to the new PST.
The drawback of the Manual Steps to Break Up PST files:
We can divide a PST file in Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 using a variety of techniques. However, the practical technique is neither very simple nor secure. Let's talk about some of the shortcomings of manual approaches, which include:
The worst that can occur during this procedure is that you could lose all of your data forever, which would be a nightmare.
No assurance on data security.
Manual processes take a lot of time.
Manual processes need a great deal of technical expertise.
The work is challenging, and it is possible to lose control of it at any point.
So what do you do?

Expert in Automated Outlook PST Split: The Pros' Way

To avoid all the issues with manual techniques, it is advised to utilize the automatic Split PST file Tool. DataVare Outlook PST Split Expert Software, for example. With this app, users can This PST splitter includes all the features a professional can want, including:
It reliably divides PST files of any size and does operations very rapidly. No concern about data loss.
It keeps all of the email's existing Meta characteristics.
One can soundly separate any length of PST with the aid of separate PST File Software.
Users can choose between four dividing options. First, divide by size, then by folder. 3. Divided by date 4 divided by year.
After separating, a new PST is created.
Every version of Outlook is smoothly compatible with this program.
It uses the most up-to-date graphical user interface and takes fewer steps to do the work.
After the split, a new PST is immediately created.

Steps to break up PST files into small parts

Download the Outlook PST Split Expert Software in the system.
Now open the tool and select the PST file or folder.
Preview selected PST files.
Select any location to save separate PST files.
After the all steps hit on the “Split Now” button and start dividing PST files into small chunks.
Open the Outlook and see the new separate PST files.

Final Upshot

PST files have a maximum size over which they can encounter problems. Large PST files are more likely to become corrupt, and the likelihood of data loss is still very high. To avoid this circumstance, it becomes necessary to separate PST files. We have described three manual methods for reducing PST file size; regrettably, none of the manual methods are sufficient to meet users' demands. Shoviv PST Splitter is a solution for splitting PST files quickly, accurately, and completely. It contains every function a user could possibly imagine for the ideal processing. There is also a free trial version of the program that you can download to see whether you like it before purchasing.

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