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A toolbox on remote 2.0

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Hi! I am Olga and I am extremely curious on collective ideas exchange and development, how it influences collaborative work, and how well various tools fit into that.

I love to explore how people think, ideate, operate and manage information flow, what`s usefull, comfortable, intuitive, valid in the context of tools they use
Thing is, one same app is used differently by different people: the same interface & user flow is valid under very different scenarios. This consideration fascinates and delights me all the time: we, humans, have our own meaning, and we place it into a tool`s form to solve a particular task. Sometimes a tool turns out a Procrustean bed. Sometimes it helps us think, improvise and see things anew, hence, unlocking our potential. Isn`t it awesome?
My recent personal infatuations are: , sped up , , and most importantly - whatever there is out there that enhances and supports a lightening speed of decision-making process.
I am also recalibrating my understanding of , crossed with , , and other usefull probabilistic or approximation technics while dealing with humans and with uncertainty.
Drop me a line if you are intesrested in building collaborative tools together:

The tools are made for humans, not the other way around: they should clarify, simplify, enhance, and accelerate everything you have in mind. When that is so, they empower you to create together effortlessly.

Hint: if you read it on mobile, click on the first card below 👇 to see the full content, and simply keep swiping 👉 from there on. It’s a 10-minute read.
As it happened, I have been working as a remote entrepreneur for about 15 years. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with highly skilled professionals across 20+ industries over a wild array of cross-discipline projects. Curiosity is a bitch, but a lovely one.
I figured, it might be of help to share some field notes - some personal use cases - as so many people around the world are getting used to a distant work environment, restructure to an online-offline mix, need to be even leaner as a company or preparing to launch one - and who likely doesn’t have extra or any money. These tools are either free or free to the point.
I have prioritized my list based on the level of information & communication complexity these tools manage - and the difference of my user scenarios on mobile and desktop. I limited it to the toolbox we would use for early stages of a startup, a place, a project or a gig. Meaning: before hardcore coding, building, engineering, producing (debatable thouth; some things are simpler than they seem).
Set aside the utility purpose, this list is a thank you note to all these awesome companies. You have made life so much easier for me and the people I was and am fortunate enough to work with.
It’s a personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt. Common sense still works miracles last time I checked.
Quick technical notes:
I work with Dell Latitude 7200 2-in-1 with Windows 10 Pro; Moto Z 3 Play with Android 9.
Here is a wild estimate of my time split for desktop/mobile/tablet (understanding, that the last few months involved way more desktop zooms than usual). I personally shift between the two modes every other day or every week. But the medium number would be a lie, because different types of usage influence my experience and adoption differently.
any stage of active business negotiations: 20%/80%/0%
pretty much any other stage: 50%/40%/10%
My tools and how I use them

Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity, and I thank you for yours.

Please, feel free to leave comments, questions, links and ideas, and do share around, if you found this article usefull. Drop us a line if you are intesrested in collaborative tools as much as we do:

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