Product Hunt Launch Checklist by Olena Bomko

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If you're interested in my Product Hunt Launch Playbook (with all templates, groups, and examples), .
No tips will save you if you don't have a good product, clear website, and simple onboarding.
You can't ask for upvotes, mass message users, or DM strangers on messengers (WhatsUp, Telegram). The PH team removes fake upvotes, and you might get disqualified completely. Using bots or incentivizing upvotes is not acceptable, too.
Product Hunt no longer supports the podcast and deal launches.

1. Before the launch

Check your product

Website (if you launch a feature, create a landing page)
Onboarding process
In-app experience
Analytics and heatmap tool
Welcome email sequence
Payment (if you launch with a paid version)

Get feedback about your website/product before your launch.

Prepare all PH assets for your launch

Download link
Pricing tag
Interactive Story
Product's Twitter
First comment
Direct link to the product page (primary link) and then app store links.
Only the product's name, no description or emojis.
Short description of the product (60 characters or less)
Should strongly relate to the product. Limited to 3.
Additional links (App Store, Google Play, etc.)
Image with square dimensions (240x240). Can be a gif.
There are three options: free, paid, and paid (with a free trial or plan).
If the product is still in beta or not fully released, select this option.
The recommended size for images in the gallery is 1270x760.
Only YouTube links are supported. Check that it is not set to private.
Create simple "Stories" to help understand complex products.
What the product is and does within 260 characters.
You can offer a promo code for the Product Hunt community.
Add all makers by their Product Hunt username.
If you have a branded/company Twitter account for the product.
Kick off the conversation with a comment about the product.

You can read more on PH:

📝 Plan your launch

Choose a day and a date.
Clean your launch day and the day after (can be more).
Choose a hunter (or hunt your product yourself).
Plan what and when you will do during the launch day.
If you have a team, assign responsibilities.

🐱 Preparation on PH

You can create only a personal account. Company accounts are prohibited.
Create and optimize your PH profile.
Create your Coming Soon page (Teaser).
Be active on PH.

👥 Audience

Not all your users/customers/supporters know what Product Hunt is.
Build in public. Ask for feedback before your launch.
Be active on social media. Post about your PH launch.
Share your Coming Soon page on PH, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Connect with people from PH on LinkedIn/Twitter.
Join relevant groups, chats, and communities.

📙 Prepare resources for your launch day

Answers on common questions.
Social media posts.
Announcements for communities.
If you have users/customers/email list, prepare emails.
If you have investors, prepare emails.
If you work with influencers, prepare materials.

2. During the launch

It's not normal to mass message strangers on your launch day. Why?
1. These people don't know you or your product.
2. They can complain to the Product Hunt team or write a negative review.
There are days when I get 5+ messages from the same company (and I don't know them).
It's okay to send a message with a reminder if you have a previous conversation/they know your product.

If you schedule your launch at 12 AM PST, you will be live for 24 hours on Product Hunt. The first 4 hours are very important. PH hides rankings during these hours.
Update your website with a banner.
Post on social media.
Engage in real-time. Respond to all comments on PH and social channels.
Post in groups/communities.
DM supporters on your launch day with a reminder.
Send emails to your users. If you have a lot of users, send emails in batches during the day.
Send emails to your investors.
Ask happy users and customers about reviews.
Track your progress with tools like or Product Wars 2.

3. After the launch

📈 Analyze your results

Website traffic.
Conversion rate.
How many new users/customers did you get?
Revenue from the launch.

🙏 Share updates and say Thank you

Share your results and thank everyone.
PH discussions.
LinkedIn, Twitter.
Groups, communities.

Your questions

How to choose my launch day?
Depends on your goals.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most competitive. It's difficult to earn top positions. But you can get a lot of traffic. Product Hunters are more active these days. If you already have happy customers/big audience (who are ready to support)/you are prepared, choose these days.
Monday and Friday are less competitive. But you'll get less traffic (and potential customers).
People are less active on PH on weekends.
How to choose my launch time?
Product Hunt refreshes at 12 AM PST. If you launch at 12 AM PST, you'll be live on PH for 24 hours.
Where to find groups/communities to post about my launch?
You can find them on LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, Reddit, Facebook.
Do I need a hunter?
Only if your hunter coaches you on how PH works and/or helps you with promotion.
The Hunter's followers receive in-app notifications about the launch.
The Hunter's followers do not receive email notifications about the launch.

Useful links

If you're interested in my Product Hunt Launch Playbook (with all templates, groups, and tips), .

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