LinkedIn Profile Checklist by Olena Bomko

Hi! I'm 👋 Don't hesitate to connect or follow on or .
In 2020, I didn't know what LinkedIn was. In 2024, I reached 30K followers without outbound messages, ads, LinkedIn Premium, and different hacks. And I get inbound clients regularly.
If you're interested in my LinkedIn Inbound Playbook, here's a
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Your profile language depends on your market (If your ideal customers are all over the world, use English).

🎯 Positioning

Answer the next questions:
What's your niche/market category?
Who is your target audience?
What problem do you/your company solve?
How do you solve this problem?
What's your goal on LinkedIn?
It should be clear from your profile what you do, how you help, whom you help.

1. Profile Picture

Your profile picture = your logo. Don't change it often.
If you have a team, you can use the same colors.
Clear, good-quality photo
Looking at camera
The same profile picture across all social channels

2. Cover Image

Logo & branding
Tagline – people should understand what you/your company do. How can you help? You can use your company's social banners. Don't use vague phrases like "Let's change the future." Nobody understands what this means.

Untitled (1).jpg
Untitled (1).png
Untitled 1.png

3. Headline Section

Short, clear, and informative
Your role
Company name
How you/your company can help
Who you help (optionally)
Your role @ Your Company | Quickly explain how you (your company) can help and whom
Untitled 2.png
Untitled 3.png
Untitled 4.png
Untitled 5.png
Untitled 6.png
Untitled 7.png
Untitled 8.png

4. Providing services

Add services you/your company provide
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click the View Profile button.
Click the Open to button and select Providing services.
Select Providing services.
Click the Continue button after reviewing How it works.
Complete the Service Page setup information.
Click the Next button.
Preview the information that will appear on your Service Page.
Click the Publish button to make your Service Page viewable by members.
LinkedIn services.png

5. Summary Section

A concise bio
Write in the first person. Not third
Explain what you do and how you can help
Clear state who are your/your company's ideal customers
Mention your/your company's accomplishments (social proof or areas of expertise)
Include the preferred contact method or call to action
About your company
Untitled 9.png
About yourself + your company + personal note
Untitled (3).png
Describe accomplishments
Untitled 10.png
Your story
Untitled 11.png
And here's Justin Welsh's bio
Over the last decade, I helped build two $50M+ ARR companies and raise over $300M in venture capital.
Then, in 2019, I burned out.
So, I decided to walk away from my high-paying executive job.
But, before I could, I had a hypothesis.
I believed building an audience online would be an incredible asset. That attention was the new currency and would play a major part in my success as an entrepreneur.
So, I started building my brand on LinkedIn in early 2019.
And the results were pretty phenomenal.
In just 6 months I grew from zero followers to over 20,000.
And on August 1st of 2019, I walked away from my executive role at a fast-growing startup.
Since that day, I've spent my time building a number of one-person internet businesses.
My mission is to be the "Diversified Solopreneur."
My portfolio:
→ I'm an investor at GTM Fund, investing in exciting, early-stage B2B SaaS companies.
→ I advise early-stage SMB SaaS companies in the healthcare technology vertical.
→ I mentor entrepreneurs in LATAM via the 500 Startups mentorship program.
→ I've built one 7-figure, & two 6-figure digital products for creators.
My results:
→ 320k+ people following my journey on LinkedIn
→ 230k+ people following my journey on Twitter
→ 375M+ impressions in the last 4 years
→ $3M+ in self-employed income
→ Zero advertisements
→ 94% margins
If you want to learn more about how I did this, you can take one of my self-guided courses.
In this 120-minute course, you will learn the complete LinkedIn operating system that I used to grow from 0 to 320k followers, and earn $3M+ in income with zero advertisements. Join 8,500+ students in the #1 rated LinkedIn course in the world.
In this 85-minute course, you will learn the 8-part content creation machine behind 375M+ impressions on LinkedIn and Twitter, and building a 60,000+ subscriber newsletter. If you're looking for systems to produce 10-15 pieces of high-quality written content every single day, this is the course for you.
Twitter: @thejustinwelsh
There's no 1 way to success. All these people are successful on LinkedIn.

6. Featured Section

Add links to helpful resources (home page, useful blog, ungated demo). Depends on your main LinkedIn goal.
Add your high-performing posts as Featured Posts
Optionally: add a link to your Calendly
Digital products + best-performing post
(This is my profile. If I were actively looking for new clients/a new job, I would delete a digital product and add a link to my website/portfolio/case studies).
Untitled 12.png
Best performing posts + link to company's blog
Untitled 13.png

Your (or your company's) website + podcast + best-performing post
Untitled 14.png

Newsletter + podcast
Untitled 15.png

Best-performing posts (case studies/portfolio/results)
Untitled 16.png

7. Experience Section

Add all your previous jobs
Describe your responsibilities and/or accomplishments. Especially your current role
About your work experience + your company
Untitled 17.png
About your responsibilities
Untitled 18.png
About your company:
Untitled (4).png
About your company + humor :)
Please note: not all people understand humor.
Untitled 19.png

8. Recommendations

Endorse people you know/worked with
Ask for recommendations (your colleagues, ex-colleagues, clients)
Give recommendations

9. Add Education section

10. Add Licenses and Certifications

11. Additional

Add languages (if you know)
Add volunteer experience (if you have)
Add publications (if you have)
Add patents/projects (if you have)
Add honors and awards (if you have)


Set to public your photo
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click View Profile.
Click on your profile photo.
Click the Visibility icon on the lower left of the pop-up window, and select Anyone.
Click Save.
Make the 'Follow' button primary (instead of 'Connect.')
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click Settings and Privacy.
Click the Visibility tab on the left of the window.
Scroll to the end.
Click Followers, and select
Who can follow you Everyone on LinkedIn
Make follow primary Yes
Add a link that will appear at the top of your profile.
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click View Profile.
Click the Edit icon from your introduction section at the top of your profile.
Scroll down to the Custom button.
Click the Edit custom button.
Add your link and your text.
Click Save.
Note: Adding a Custom button (it appears at the top of your posts, too) is a Premium feature.
Personalize URL
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage
Click View profile
Click Edit public profile & URL on the right
You'll be redirected to the Public profile settings page
Under Edit your custom URL (in the top-right), click the Edit icon
Use /{firstname}{lastname} format
Click Save
Check your contact information is updated. Add your company's website to contact info
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Click View Profile.
Click Contact info in your introduction section.
In the Contact Info pop-up window, click the Edit icon.
In the Edit form pop-up window, enter or edit your website (s) and email(s).
Click Save.
Turn off "People Also Viewed"
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
Click Account preferences on the left.
Under General preferences, click People also viewed.
Switch the toggle to the left or right to select No or Yes.
Edit Visibility Settings
🤓 Show me how to do this
Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. Click Visibility on the left.
Common settings:
Profile viewing: Your name and headline
Connections: Set this option to "Off"
Who can see your last name: Select Full name displayed
Profile discovery and visibility off LinkedIn: Set this option to "Yes"
Profile discovery using email address: Set this to "Everyone"
Profile discovery using phone number: Set this to "Nobody"
Mentions or tags: Set this option to "Yes"
Followers: Set this to "Everyone on LinkedIn" and make sure Make follow primary is enabled.
Make sure you fill in all sections of your profile
Add name pronunciation
🤓 Show me how to do this
You currently can't record or edit your name pronunciation on the LinkedIn desktop site.
It can only be done on the LinkedIn iOS/Android mobile app.
Mobile Steps:
Tap your profile photo, then View Profile.
Tap the Edit icon from your introduction section.
Tap Record name pronunciation.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.