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Teddy AI

“Count the Hidden Boos” Halloween Contest

Info & Rules

What is Teddy AI?

Teddy AI is a cute teddy bear that helps kids revise educational topics while being a buddy who can answer many of their curious questions, thanks to its Conversational AI features.
The app covers a wide range of educational subjects, including language learning, math, science, history, and more. With 4000+ educational activities, Teddy AI is packed with adventures based on real-life simulations, using flashcards, interactive quizzes, and puzzles.
Moreover, Teddy’s character talks like a 5-years old model and uses a reverse model training while providing mental health support. The study buddy develops a friendly relationship with each child, allowing them to learn at their own pace.
The app is currently free and downloadable from Google Play, for any Android devices.

What is the "Count the Hidden Boos" Halloween Contest?

The "Count the Hidden Boos" Halloween Contest is a fun and exciting event hosted by Teddy AI to celebrate Halloween. It's a game where you'll watch a video walkthrough of the Teddy AI app on Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram, and your task is to count the hidden Halloween elements that appear in the video. Some of these elements will be quite tricky to find!

When does the contest start and end?

The contest will begin on October 29 and run until October 31, giving you three (3) days to participate and try your luck. The winners will be announced via Instagram and Tik Tok, on November 1st, 2023.

How can I join the contest?

To participate, follow these steps:
Follow Teddy AI either on Tik Tok or Instagram officials where the contest is posted.
Like the contest video.
Leave a comment under the contest video with your guess on the number of hidden Halloween elements.

What are the prizes?

We have some amazing prizes up for grabs:
1st Prize: Disney+ Annual Card, Teddy AI booklet, and a customized Halloween Teddy in the Teddy AI app (available only on Google Play)
2nd Prize: A pirate hat, the exclusive gadget to customise Teddy! (available only on Google Play)
3rd Prize: Teddy AI Autumn - Winter Activity booklet, focusing on English vocabulary and numbers (for everyone who participates).

How are the winners determined?

The winner(s) will be selected based on the correctness of their answer.
The first person to comment with the correct number of hidden Halloween elements will be the winner of the 1st prize. In the event of multiple correct answers, all eligible participants will be entered into a draw, and a winner will be randomly selected.
The 2nd prize will be assigned to the first 100 participants with the closest guesses. The guess must be in a written form, by commenting the contest video “Count the Hidden Boos" Halloween Contest by Teddy AI
The 3rd prize will be assigned to everyone who participated in the contest.

How will the winners receive their prizes?

The prizes will be sent to the winners via email. We will reach out to the winners through our social media accounts, tagging and direct messaging them. Therefore, make sure you are following Teddy AI, otherwise we cannot reach you if you are the winner!

Can I participate if I'm not in the UK?

Absolutely! This contest is open to participants worldwide. It's a global Halloween celebration! However, make sure Disney + and Google Play are available in your country. You can visit their websites or app stores to see if they are available in your region.

How can I stay updated about the contest?

Keep an eye on our TikTok, Instagram and Facebook pages for updates. We will post teasers and countdown videos in the days leading up to the contest, so make sure you don't miss them.

Where can I find the contest video?

The contest video will be posted on Teddy AI's TikTok and Instagram official pages. Stay tuned on our social media for the official video announcement on October 29.

Can I participate more than once?

Yes, you can enter as many times as you want by watching the video again and finding the hidden Halloween items. Each comment with your guess counts as one entry.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us, and send us a message. We hope you have a spook-tacular time participating in our "Count the Hidden Boos" Halloween Contest by Teddy AI!

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