Improving Employee Engagement and Recognition With Better Corporate Gifting

To keep an eye on employees and their engagement towards their work and taking care of employees' satisfaction, motivation/ encouragement, contribution towards the company's success, etc. at the same time is the new norm.
Employee engagement is not easy given the fact that each employee might have their own requirements to satisfy their wants. It is really important to motivate, encourage and satisfy the employee as it helps greatly in employee productivity which in turn helps the company to grow and succeed.
Employees are a very essential assets and investments that you make for the company. You must embrace or possess certain skills and techniques as an HR to make the asset/investment help your organization.

To attain certain skills as such, you just need a good mentor who can upskill you to understand the importance and benefits of it and to implement it in real life.

This article will show you the importance of employee engagement and how to accomplish it.

What are employee engagement and recognition?

Employee engagement can be defined as the amount of dedication, hard work, productivity, and contribution an employee shows towards their company as a positive outcome of organizational rewards and recognition.
On the other hand, employee recognition is basically recognizing and acknowledging the employee for their dedication, hard work, productivity, and contribution by rewarding them wholeheartedly.
(Example: corporate gifting. One of the many amazing strategies to reward an employee is through corporate gifting which will be further mentioned in this article.)
go hand in hand and are very important.

Now that we know what it means, let us understand its importance.

Why are employee engagement and recognition important?

Employee engagement and employee recognition are important as it is concerned with the employee's potential to engage and be productive with their work and put in effort in order to contribute to the company’s success and growth on greater levels. We will learn its various benefits further in this article.
Employee engagement is also concerned with the customer’s or client’s satisfaction because when you satisfy your employees, they tend to be happy with their work or what they do and give as many positive outcomes as they can in order to satisfy their customers’ or clients’ requirements for more business for the company.
Satisfying the customers or clients would in turn increase the sales or trading levels of the company.
Employee recognition is essential as it boosts employee motivation, productivity, and engagement. Acknowledging them for their hard work through rewards and benefits for the employee helps them be satisfied with their job and also helps in retention and to put in more effort for greater rewards.
It impacts them to become loyal and punctual. Employee recognition also makes the employees feel that their company acknowledges and values their effort and hard work and motivates them into contributing and achieving greater efforts and goals.
It helps the company to portray that they have built a strong and powerful company culture which in turn helps to attract more good business relations such as clients, customers, business associates or partners, and as well as talented employees.
Employee recognition also helps in creating brand awareness.
When you reward your employees for their achievement, success, and contribution, you can reward them with customized gifts with your brand logo and have your employees enjoy the privilege to be the brand ambassadors of your company.

Now that we have learned the importance of employee recognition, we will move on to learn the various benefits of using corporate gifting as a strategy to improve or boost employee engagement.

Benefits of corporate gifting to boost employee engagement

Corporate gifting is used as an essential strategy all over the world to build better and positive business connections and relationships. Corporate gifting is very advantageous for various factors which include boosting employee engagement.
Listed below are a few of the many benefits attained by implementing corporate gifting
: gifting helps your company by decreasing employee turnovers ad increasing retention rates.
Increasing productivity: corporate gifting increases engagement as it satisfies, motivates, and encourages the employee which in turn helps them be more productive and to produce as many positive outcomes as they can. Productivity and co-ordination are one of the most important and essential key factors to success and growth.
Increases motivation and encouragement: when you recognize, reward, and acknowledge your employees for their hard work, they get this new sensation and it tempts the employees to do better in the next project.
Corporate gifting can be used as a link to boost their motivation and encouragement by rewarding, recognizing, and acknowledging your employees for their efforts, contribution, and hard work.
Increases employee loyalty: when employees are engaged in their work; rewarded for their efforts, contribution, and hard work; and are satisfied with their job, they usually tend to not turnover and continue in the same organization and request a longer contract.
The employees tend to be more loyal and dedicated and contribute as much as they can to help the company grow and succeed.
Helps you create your own brand ambassadors: through corporate gifting, you can give your employees customized items such as t-shirts, mugs, office bags, laptop bags, bottles, etc.
You now have created your own brand ambassadors who carry your brand name and pride wherever they go.
Helps your brand grow: when your employees carry their company’s name and pride wherever they go, it creates brand awareness among people. Corporate gifting is widely used as a marketing strategy to promote your own brand by gifting others which also increases competition.
Helps you to express gratitude: when you want to express gratitude towards someone, you can send them corporate gift kits to make it more special and valuable for them. You can also send corporate gifts on various occasions to make the moment more memorable and special for your loved ones.
Helps you create more positive business relationships: through corporate gifts, you can create more business relationships and connections and build more customers and clients and also increase your brand awareness among them.

When to give corporate gifts to employees?

The best gift comes from the heart and not the store” states a quote.
Gifts can be exchanged on various occasions, but making the occasion special by gifting them wholeheartedly is what is important.
Listed below are a few important occasions you must not forget to gift your employees:

1. New joinee or onboarding gifts

When a new employee joins a company the first thing they expect from the company and its members is a warm welcome. Gift your employees with amazing to make them feel welcomed and belonged.
It helps the employee to step in with happiness and satisfaction which boosts engagement and productivity.

2. Festivals

Festivals are one of the most important occasions to exchange or give gifts. It is an occasion that is valued, loved, and celebrated by your employees. Gift your employees on festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, Ramadan, etc., to make the day, event, and occasion more special and memorable.

3. New year

To start the year with a good step, you can gift your employees with new year kits to make them feel motivated, encouraged, and loved.

4. Woman’s and mother’s day:

You can enlighten your female employees and make them feel loved and cared for by corporate gifting them during occasions such as woman’s day and mother’s day. It makes them feel respected for their efforts and hard work.

5. Promotion and success

Celebrate with your employees on occasions such as promotion and success and reward them with heartfelt gifts to make them feel special and also to enlighten the day by making it memorable for them.

6. Retirement

You must also gift your employees on their last day of work on occasions like retirement to make them feel valued for the time they spent in your organization, the efforts and hard work they put in.
It also helps you create an which in turn attracts many good business relationships and connections as mentioned previously.


These days you can witness a lot of employees turning over or quitting their jobs because of very few or no employee benefits at all. Employee benefits and rewards are very essential in the new business world, among which corporate gifting is regarded as one of the top most useful strategies.
Corporate gifting is a significant and very useful technique to invest in. Investing in the betterment of your company and your employees is very useful as it has more pros than cons.
Corporate gifting is also a win-win for both you and your employees. But selecting the right corporate gifting solution is important. There are various solutions, but only a hand few which are the most trusted and customer-friendly ones.
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