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Soap Boxes

How Can Custom Soap Boxes Add Value to Product Marketing?
The only thing that may differ in the products is their packaging in the market. Packaging relies on creativity. With the custom , one can come up with various creative ideas to market the products in an exclusive way.
Custom Soap boxes are supposed to be attractive and presentable as they are self-care products and something women easily get their eyes at. With a presentable packaging of these soaps, one can easily elevate the sales and embark the brand name and fame in the market.
To get some unique yet trendy ideas about how you should go with the perfect customized soap boxes, you can click here and check out how beautifully the company crafts the soap boxes. With the usage of eye-catching hues, the dimension and size of the boxes and the outer suede for protecting the soap from UV rays is something which the company pulls off in a stunning manner.

How Quality Packaging Helps to Retain Soap Quality

Do you agree if it’s said that all soaps are the same? Exactly no. As far as the perfect soap recipe is concerned, it should be unique since it's the holy grail in soap manufacturing.
With a combination of animal fat, caustic soda and oils extracted from plants, soap is being manufactured.
However, with the passage of time, there are certain changes that are taking place in the general recipe of soaps.

What are those points you should consider in order to retain the soap quality?

When it’s the matter of skin, nobody would want to use low grade products. Skin is a delicate organ of our body and it needs care and the right products.
Since ages, soap has been used to cleanse and cure skin. Hence, it is therefore important to use soaps of high quality. Also, it is equally important to manufacture soaps of high quality.
Here are some of the points you should consider to retain its quality.

Formation of lather

Soaps generating a high quantity of lather are usually what the customers looks for. To manufacture the soaps which produce an increased quantity of lather, it is suggested to increase the quantity of premium oils in it. Oils such as coconut oil, kernel oil and babassu oil have the tendency to create more lather in the soaps.

Addition of oils

Apart from oils, there are certain additives added in the soaps which help in producing lather. Additives can be sodium lactate and sugar or rosin can be added to fulfil the purpose. Water can be replaced with the addition of contents having sugar as in beer or wine. You can decrease the quantity of oils which tend to restrict the making of lather. An example can be olive oil. Instead, you can replace it with oils like castor, jojoba, sunflower or palm oil.

Alternatives that are rich in content

It’s not suggested to add water while you manufacture soaps. You may use rich content to improve the quality of soaps. Addition of goat milk, yogurt or aloe Vera can bring miraculous results as they can be very beneficial for the skin. Also, you can add oils which have high nourishment in them. Oils like argon, primrose, pumpkin seed oil or flaxseed oil can bring promising results.

Increase the conditioning

You can increase the conditioning of the soaps by adding luxurious oils in it. With an addition of 5-10% luxurious oils in the production, you can achieve the desired conditioning.

Hardness of the soap

Soaps which become soft and fragile if they are kept in water for a long time may be considered as low-grade soaps. Soap hardness is equally important as its quality. By adding hard oils while manufacturing soaps, you can achieve the desired hardness in the soaps.
Also, stearic acid with a 0.5 to 1% addition can also bring hardness in the soaps. Beeswax is another intriguing element which causes hardness in the soaps. This was all about how you can fix the recipe of a perfect soap. When it comes to selling the product, packaging is one of the most important factors that you just cannot ignore. Soap manufacturing is a very challenging business. It is because there are a number of industries which are more or less producing the same products.
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Why are the Custom Mailer Boxes Given Heed in the Soap Packaging Industry?

These are made up of paperboard. The flaps of these boxes are interlocked. This way the product is secured in the best way. If you plan to transport your soaps in bulk, then these custom mailer boxes can be the option you should count on. The soaps will remain intact and avoid breaking. The boxes have double walls in them. Hence, they are durable and keep the product safe from any external damage. Also, because they get interlocked so they don’t need any adhesive for sticking the walls.
Since they are custom boxes, they can be tailored according to the size, color, design, dimensions and styles as per the customer's choice.

How Do Custom Product Boxes Represent Innovation and Creativity to Soap?

While one looks to start a soap business, the foremost objective he should focus on is the right packaging of the product. The product that reaches the customer in the most appealing way is usually what the company adheres to.
These custom product boxes not only add spark in the overall presentation of the soap boxes, but they are tailored specifically to represent your brand’s identity.
The goal is to fit the soap perfectly in these boxes and protect them from all kinds of damages. That is the reason these custom product boxes are different from the standard and generic boxes.

Soap Manufacturing Process from the Scratch

While you plan to manufacture soap from scratch, you need to know its background. There are two fundamental processes involved;
● The kettle processes
● The continuous process
In the kettle process, the fats are boiled and then salts and oils are added. Lastly, when the is done, caustic soda is added in the mixture. The manufactured residue is boiled again in the water. Once the boiling is done, soap is separated from the mixture and is proceeded to the finishing stage.
In the continuous process, it comprises splitting, mixing, cooling, finishing and milling. The natural fat is separated and is purified. Then comes the addition of an alkali. The prepared mixture of soap is then cooled and sent for the finishing.
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